The Art of Effective Delegation in Retail [And Why It’s Important]

The Art of Effective Delegation in Retail [And Why It’s Important] “Only 30% of managers think they can delegate well … and only one in three is considered a good delegator by his or her subordinates. This means only 1 in 10 managers really know how to empower subordinates“ – John Hunt, London Business School Professor and Financial Times columnist One of the biggest opportunity areas that I have been able to see consistently in my eons in retail is in developing effective delegation techniques in emerging leaders in the business. Delegation is an extremely valuable competency to possess as it effects three critical areas of effective leadership, efficiency, team member development and organizational sustainability. Doug Fleener, author of The Profitable Retailer: 56Read More

15 Traits of A “Terrible” Retail Leader

15 Traits of A “Terrible” Retail Leader According to Monster – 38% of employees rate their leader as “horrible” – In the past week I have referenced this statistic three times, that is how important and valuable I think it is to recognize – and for those of us who are lucky enough to be leaders in our industry –  to marinade in and digest. It is also likely to be what is the reality for us, as “Retail Leaders”. Success surveyed members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council to identify what qualities make for a terrible leader. Here was their response: Lack of Transparency: Your team can tell when you are not being honest. Lack of transparency = Lack of Trust. There isRead More

Stop Tolerating Bad Retail Employees (That Means Leaders, Too!)

Stop Tolerating Bad Retail Employees (That Means Leaders Too)! There are two completely frustrating truths in the retail industry that have always been a gross reality: Some retail organizations still believe that length of employment is a legitimate reason to promote someone in lieu of readiness or talent or ability [another topic for another day]; Retail organizations tend to hold onto toxic employees and take a hand’s-off approach and use hope as a strategy that the people will fix themselves. First, hope is not a strategy…it can never be a strategy unless you are determined to fail. But there has always been an approach that the organization has taken that shows fear as it relates to actually cutting ties with poor performers orRead More

The Many Faces Of Retail Leadership

The Many Faces Of Retail Leadership “Mature leaders see individual differences as fuel for development, not as barriers to success. – Mike Myatt” Warning…This topic is dizzying [and long]! As I mentioned the other day, according to Monster, 38% of employees rate their leader as “horrible” while only 17% rate their leader as “excellent”. Clearly, something has gone wrong with “leadership” and what the function is. The other day I wrote an article titled, “Invested, Involved, And Interested Retail Leadership Is Important – Here’s Why…“. In that article I referenced some more truly surprising statistics about leaders and how they are perceived by their team members.  While I could go on and on about where leadership goes wrong and why our employees seeRead More