Understanding & Managing “Upward Delegation”

Understanding & Managing “Upward Delegation” For as many years as I can remember – even starting out at the beginning of my retail career – I have been confused by the sheer volume of calls that employees make to their Store Manager, to their District Manager about the smallest, least important, and non-urgent matters. Something that I experienced as a Store Manager [and quickly fixed] and something I still see Store Directors and Department Heads struggle with. I have always been able to speak to this behavior but had no clue it had a name until, literally, three days ago [where have I been?]. But…here you have it…Upward Delegation it is. So, What is “Upward Delegation”? To deal with an evolving and complexRead More

Workplace Romance In Retail

Workplace Romance In Retail Since we have a longer February and we are only 20 days away from spring when love is in the air and due to the fact that I have been writing about heavier topics this week and working on very serious projects I wanted to share some interesting and fun statistics on workplace romance for my lighthearted topic this week. With shows like MadMen and movies like Sur Mes Levres, Someone Like You, and Bridget Jones’ Diary [the first one…the second one was rubbish], it’s tough not to get a little caught up in the idea of a steamy and exciting [and a little bit risky] workplace affair/romance. I mean, c’mon…Jon Hamm/Don Draper…the way he wears a suit, thatRead More