Seasonal Employees In Retail

Seasonal Employees In Retail Sitting in my home office this morning working through some business strategies, I heard my kiddos in their room talking about summer break and all of the things they want to do, places they want to go for fun over the summer. It made me realize that the summer season is, indeed, almost upon us. Much like holiday time, it is a great time to reinvigorate and infuse your team with support staff for the peak shopping season(s). There is a frequently unacknowledged reality in retail that seasonal employees are the embodiment of revolving door employees and that we need not invest in them as we would permanent employees because “they are only here for a short period ofRead More

The Importance of Onboarding [And Red Flag Warnings To Watch For]

The Importance of Having An Onboarding Strategy [And Red Flag Warnings] Shockingly, one of every 25 employees leaves on their very first day! – Capabiliti by qustn 35% of companies spend “ZERO” dollars on onboarding. You read that correctly… $0.00 dollars, Yet, organizations with an engaging and structured onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% greater new hire retention. Companies with an engaging employee onboarding program retain 91% of their first year workers – Talentwise An Ineffective Talent Management Strategy Is Costly If you are not allocating budget to onboarding it is a pretty good guess that your talent management tools are not as effective as they could be overall. If you aren’t making the investment in tools, time, andRead More