How To Fall In Love With Your Retail Job Again

How To Fall In Love With Your Retail Job Again During this time of the year it’s hard not to reflect on love and how it makes us feel and how it excites us. Because it is Valentine’s Day I wanted to draw the correlation between how it feels to connect romantically with someone and how it feels to connect with a job and an organization that inspires and motivates us to be amazing. There isn’t a whole lot of difference, after all…they are both types of relationships. Heather Jensen writes, in  the article 7 Emotions You Feel before You Fall in Love, that the following feeling bubble ups when we start to feel…a connection: Butterflies Awkwardness Coyness Rush of Feelings You craveRead More

5 Retail Leadership Skills That Make You Look Awesome

5 Retail Leadership Skills That Make You Look Awesome Recently, I was asked to participate in a program to up-skill sales and supervisor level retail employees [aka: future retail leaders] through an online class. So, this fun assignment has led me to recollect some of the bits and pieces of my job over many, many, many years that I found incredibly helpful that no one ever “taught” me but I learned a long the way either by seeing certain behaviors that I have be able to offer growth guidance to my team on or through my own mistakes as I have grown in our industry. Brevity And Speaking Like A Human Being Are Critical For Effective “Off The Cuff” Communication: Well thought throughRead More

Signs of Employee Misery In Retail

Signs of Employee Misery In Retail There are a few very obvious behaviors that employees display when they are in a great state of engagement at work: These employees find fulfillment, enthusiasm and passion in their work They are self-motivated and committed to self-development Frequently they show more attention to detail They develop a sense of ownership and pride in their work They proactively accept additional responsibility and happily take on stretch assignments They stay within the organization; thereby, improving retention Great brand ambassadors/advocates to attract new employees and customers These behaviors are critical to identify in your retail organization to ensure you are creating a challenging, interesting and intriguing work environment. A culture that supports, encourages, and energizes your employees to comeRead More

Retail Health & Wellness – Beware Of Workplace Cooties

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Retail Health – Beware Of Workplace Cooties Once a week I like to post something light-hearted and fun for people to read. This week I chose to do a little poking around about germs because there are SO many at work right now. So – enjoy! We are in the throes of winter weather and people are sneezing, coughing, stuffy and most work spaces are, basically, a petri dish of cooties. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “up to 80% of all infections are spread by hand contact with contaminated surfaces and direct human contact. So, most of the places we touch and come in contact with are likely harborers of germs.” and per the NationalRead More

Minimizing and Managing Chaos/Crisis In Retail

Minimizing and Managing Chaos/Crisis In Retail It is likely, at some point, in every retailers career that we have experienced chaos and confusion in the workplace. It can come in many different forms but as leaders our teams will look to us to minimize the impact of confusion and bring clarity and sanity to the business. Retail is rife with process and systematic interdependancies and changes are not always predictable and clean. Each human involved in the process interprets it differently and looks at it from a different perspective and probably has their own opinion of the priorities and ways to address them. This can either bring innovative and creative solutions or it can create some serious additional confusion. So at times likeRead More

Components Of A Strong Retail Retention Strategy

Components Of A Strong Retail Retention Strategy Signs You May Need To Focus On Retention People stopped caring about the “why” or the details of the business. They come in, they do their job. They leave precisely on time. They do just enough not to call attention to themselves. They’re aren’t working to win. They are working not to lose their jobs. Managers aren’t giving timely feedback, if any at all. Their team seems restless and uninspired. Retention strategies are not only for keeping your employees but they help keep leaders accountable for doing their job. We have all the information needed to know EXACTLY what motivates and inspires our employees and what they expect of us, as leaders. Having a retention strategyRead More

Great Retail Leaders Do These Things Every Day

Great Retail Leaders Do These Things Every Day According to a Monster survey, here is how employees rated their boss: 38% of respondents answered “1 (horrible)” 16% of respondents answered “2” 16% of respondents answered “3” 13% of respondents answered “4” 17% of respondents answered “5 (excellent)” 70% of employee’s aren’t thrilled with their manager. While only 17% rate their boss as excellent. According to Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for Monster. “Having an adversarial relationship with your direct superior can negatively impact your life in countless ways with daily stress and stunted career growth generally being the most common.” We know (if you don’t – you can read it here), the four non-negotiable qualities that employees have of their leaders are:Read More

Non-Negotiables of Retail Leadership

Non-Negotiables of Retail Leadership According to DDI, the leader who’s mastered having successful conversations is most likely to do well steering their team and/or their business. “By the end of each day, leaders likely have had multiple conversations with a range of their constituents,” DDI’s researchers write. “Each of these interactions will collectively determine their ultimate success as a leader.” [Source: Fast Company] “When 332,860 bosses, peers and subordinates were asked what leadership skills—regardless of level—were viewed as the most important attributes for a successful leader, the top skill named was the ability to inspire and motivate others.” [Source: SHRM] The Four Non-Negotiables Employees Have Of Their Leader -Ability To Inspire  -Ability to Motivate -Empathy -Involvement A true understanding of your team andRead More

Supporting Healthy Work Relationships In Retail [It Pays Off]

Supporting Healthy Work Relationships In Retail [It Pays Off] Workplace Friendships have a cultural and personal impact for employees. To get right into it, there are absolute impacts that can be measured and shown to benefit employers and employees greatly from creating a culture that supports healthy team work and relationships: -Job Satisfaction -Organization Behavior [collaboration, partnerships, advocacy] -Productivity -Attendance/Turnover -Customer Experience According to a Gallup survey, about 30% of employees in the U.S. responded that they had a best friend in their workplace. Further, the survey reported that 51% of those who responded that they have a best friend at work reported that they work with passion and feel a profound connection to the company, compared with only 10% of those whoRead More

Meaning & Purpose Are Fundamental To Job Satisfaction In Retail

Meaning & Purpose Are Fundamental To Job Satisfaction In Retail If you have read some of my other articles you may see that I have great interest in find out exactly how we can make work meaningful for team members [which in turn makes a retail organization stronger and more productive]. I have a strong belief that providing the tools that our retail industry employees need and want will help drive results in our businesses and leverage job satisfaction to determine future leaders in our industry. One of the things I have covered in the past is that employees truly wish to be connected to the business. They want to understand the “why” behind some of the business drivers. It’s no coincidence thatRead More

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Evening Habits of Successful People

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Evening Habits of Successful People The other day I wrote a playful post about the morning routines/habits of highly successful [you can read it here, if you’d like]. Sometimes it’s nice to write content that is not heavy in nature so weekly, I try to write content that is a fun and lighthearted read. Hopefully some of it is illuminating and helpful. I was going through a personal/professional email crisis [there were sooo many] last week so I thought I would brush up on some habits of effectively managing email. While I was on that topic I was curious about the morning and evening routines of successful people. Here is what I found: Taking Control Of Email 5 Steps ofRead More

What Do They Want And How Do We Deliver It

What Do They Want And How Do We Deliver It I shared this quote the other today by the CEO of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey, on an article I wrote titled, The Power Of Employee Happiness In Retail, “If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people look forward to coming to work in the morning.” This statement is outrageously inspiring. Not too terribly long ago I was having a conversation with a Director of Stores for a company that really worked their employees hard, with no recognition, no tools to drive business, no planning, and seriously chaotic communication (they would call an hour before closing and tell the stores they needed toRead More

The Importance of Career Path Planning In Retail

The Importance Of Career Path Planning in Retail “44% of employees say if they knew their career path with their current employer they would stay longer, without a doubt.” [Source: Mercer] I recently published an article on the Succession Planning Process in retail. How it is an invaluable tool that can help develop internal talent to fill critical roles in retail and keep pace with the growth and evolution of our industry. In retail we are frequently challenged for time and strangely, some of the most important actions for our business are put on the back burner in lieu of less important tasking. Formal training and development programs, performance development plans, and growth strategies are a few of these things that seem toRead More

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day: Retail Edition

Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day: Retail Edition That time of year is upon us again. Yes…it’s Valentine’s Day! It’s such an interesting shopping holiday [majority of shopping is done in the six days leading up to and including the day of], stores are bleeding pink and red everywhere you look. I thought I would share some interesting and fun facts facts about this unique holiday some of which directly impacts our industry: -There are various stories about how where/when this “holiday” originated, but the most popular – from what I can find is…Valentine’s Day started from a story is about a young Roman priest named Saint Valentinus who secretly performed matrimonial ceremonies of the soldiers belonging to Claudius II. Claudius II had forbiddenRead More