Playing It Safe In Retail Is Boring [And A Bad Idea]

Playing It Safe In Retail Is Boring [And A Bad Idea] Retail organizations today have difficulty carving out a unique, unforgettable, inspired, and remarkable experiences for what they do in people’s minds. Most of them focus on the lowest common denominator and go after cheap textiles or other product to sell at compelling prices. They anonymize themselves to the point where the name of the store is incidental and their service is incidental. As a customer, you feel like you got a garment from “someplace” at a steal and that’s “good enough”. Retail organizations value propositions today are easily interchangable with their competition and few would notice any difference. They all market more to the masses and give little attention to the specialRead More

Recognition in Retail

Recognition in Retail 89% of senior managers said their organization is good at showing appreciation to workers. 30% of employees gave their firms low marks when it comes to shining a light on their achievements. Unfortunately, this type of disparity in what Executive/Senior Leadership perceives to what the employees experience is nothing new. These two entities inside a retail organization work within their own bubbles and often times initiatives and programs that are believed to be functioning, go by the wayside for any number of reasons, such as: They aren’t made to be important The team leaders don’t feel recognized/appreciated so why should they recognize their team [this actually happens] They aren’t consistent It becomes a program of compliance and therefore becomes disingenuousRead More