Best Ways to Lead a Happy & Productive Retail Team

Best Ways to Lead A Happy & Productive Retail Team There is a significant misconception about what retail leadership is. Many view it as an elevation in rank and title that puts you “in charge” of everybody else, making you the authoritative figure on everything your team does. There needs to be a huge shift in this old mindset. To grow a team that produces fabulous work and delivers results, a leader needs to see themselves not as “the boss”, but a business partner and a talent-nurturer.  With the leadership title you become responsible for the success and growth of your team members, and that is a huge and important responsibility. Leaders are supposed to help unleash and nurture the talents within theirRead More

Top Reasons Retailers Lose Their Best Talent

Top Reasons Retailers Lose Their Best Talent Large and small retail companies share the common challenge of keeping their best and brightest talent in the organization. Companies lose amazing talent every single day and believe that they are exiting the business because of a better opportunity, more money, because they want a change. They are usually leaving not because they really want to – but because they feel compelled to. Here are some of the most common reasons that retailers lose their top talent: No Discussion Around Career Development/Path. You know the pedestrian question we used to ask in interviews “Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?” Most people don’t know the answer to that. However, everyone wants to and deserves toRead More

Terrible Reasons For Hanging On To A Poor Performer In Retail

Terrible Reasons For Hanging On To A Poor Performer In Retail I have shared this in a previous article I have written, but back many years ago I stepped into a role with a very challenging business. The team was severely under-developed. The region’s business metrics were ranked in the bottom 2% [yep…the bottom 2%] across all business levers. It was not pretty. I was traveling with my boss one day, immediately after taking on the role, and we were talking about the business and my plan of action and I was asking him questions about my predecessor trying to understand the team and what, potentially, I would have to counter to what they learned/experienced. One of the questions I asked was howRead More