Recruiting For Cultural Fit In Retail

Recruiting For Cultural Fit In Retail When it comes to the success of any retail organization, human capital is a tricky equation that’s challenging to solve. And even though most industries are willing to dig deep into their pockets with resources to recruit and retain top talent, it has been a consistent struggle for the retail industry. We consistently insist on using ATS to select a resume that fits in with the criteria the computer finds “matches” the job description. What we end up with, whether we choose to acknowledge or not, is a homogenized employee. Someone who will be amazing at following the rules and an understanding of how to mostly manage the product piece of the business. Generally, ATS will notRead More

How To Build a Collaborative Retail Team

How To Build a Collaborative Retail Team In retail – teamwork absolutely paves the way for success. We are unable to work within our individual bubbles of responsibility either in the field or in an office environment and truly find success without support from our colleagues and business partners. A collaborative, smart, and enthusiastic team is probably the best weapon you can have to win against retail competition and the obstacles we face in retail as we work to deliver results. Ironically, according to HBR, “Members of complex teams are less likely—absent other influences—to share knowledge freely, to learn from one another, to shift workloads flexibly to break up unexpected bottlenecks, to help one another complete jobs and meet deadlines, and to shareRead More