Warning Signs Of A Poor Retail Culture

Warning Signs Of A Poor Retail Culture When we are active [or even passive] job seekers, we conduct a lot of research on retailers and identify organizations we would be really thrilled and proud to work for/with and those that we wouldn’t consider in a million years. As I mentioned in a previous post, “20 years ago, it was absolutely possible for organizations to create an image that was manufactured by the marketing departments, but now…everyone has a say [and super fast, too]. Retailers are no longer what they say they are but what others say they are.” This has become so absolutely true. People gladly share their experiences and stories about the retail brands they are familiar with either through employment orRead More

8 Qualities of An Emerging Retail Leader

8 Qualities of An Emerging Retail Leader In retail, we have the unique and awesome ability to see so many emerging adults start their working careers in our industry. After a few years in retail it is fairly easy for us to identify the people who will probably stay in retail, who will use what they have learned in other industries, who is with us just to pay their monthly cell phone bill, and those who may be perfectly content in their current role and have no design on anything more – and that’s okay too. It is always thrilling, though, to identify people who you know will make great future retail leaders. You can just tell that they possess the personality, theRead More