Phenomenal Lessons I Have Learned From Great Retail Leaders

Phenomenal Lessons I Have Learned From Great Retail Leaders I have been in retail a long time and learned early on that focusing on my professional growth and development was a great way to stay personally and professionally challenged in our industry. I believe that, regardless of the experience we have, we can learn from everyone we work with – the good and the tragic. Here are some of the best qualities I have learned from some of the most incredible leaders I have worked for. Keep Your Promises And Commitments: Retail Business Leaders doing what they said they would and ‘walking the talk’ is not as common as you would think. I believe that all too often we use promises as theRead More

Complacency In Retail

Complacency In Retail Full Definition of complacency 1:  self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies 2:  an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction Retail Is In Danger There is no doubt about it – complacency is winning in the retail environment. In their efforts to propel action in these [rapidly] changing environments, many organizations grow frustrated as desired progress towards moving the business forward gets caught in bureaucracy, red tape, moldy policies, and the inability to identify the need to evolve by executive and senior level leadership. More than ever, leadership has become an exercise in survival of the fittest and as a consequence, retail leaders who have grown more complacent, are finding it difficult to maintain theirRead More

Elements Of Great Retail Customer Experience Program

Elements Of A Great Retail Customer Experience Program In retail we have no shortage of “Steps Of Customer Service”. Unfortunately, most of these steps are so completely shallow and pedantic that all that results is, mostly, uninspired and anonymous service from the cashier role which is, frequently, the only interaction. Customer Experience needs to be included as part of the organizational culture in order for it to be taken seriously. Everything we do should be aligned with delivering a better, more personalized, energizing, engaging, and interactive experience to our customers. This needs to be a commitment that is embraced and followed from the top down in retail organizations. In the past week here is some of the recent retail news: True Religion PacSunRead More

‘Constructing Happy’ In The Retail Workplace

‘Constructing Happy’ In The Retail Workplace [For Employees & Customers] A great workplace culture. Delivering best in company results. Creating a customer experience that drives brand loyalty and growth. None of it is easy. It takes a lot of time, tears, martini’s, and hard work. But I can say this…it is significantly easier to invest the time and energy into building excellence through guidance, communication, and support – than it is to maintain a “good enough” team, deliver mediocre levels of service, and constantly excuse why you can’t maintain consistent numbers or levels of performance. I read yesterday that another retailer, PacSun, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Creating a great workplace and a great place to shop – a store, district,Read More

10 Qualities Of Amazing Retail Talent

10 Qualities Of Amazing Retail Talent In retail there are lots of average or “good enough” employees and some retailers are totally satisfied with that. However, it shouldn’t be the goal of organization to aspire to being passable or kind of okay.  There are some specific qualities that make for great employees in retail. People that stand out. Capture great assignments. Own and earn their professional growth. Here is what they look like: They Are Street Smart [Lots of Common Sense] & Resourceful: To great retail employees there is no such thing as an obstacle – smart retailers love challenges and will find the tools/information they need to drive their results. “I can’t because…” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.  The best retail bestRead More

Retail Company Culture & The Bottom Line

Retail Company Culture & The Bottom Line Last weekend I wrote about the companies doing “it” right, specifically, the five retail organizations that accomplished consistency in creating and fostering such a tremendous culture for their employees that they earned a spot on the Fortune “100 Best Companies To Work For” list for 2016.  For the past few days I have had a couple very lively and interesting conversations with people in our industry about why, at the end of the day, that is a “big deal”.  If I were to share all of the reasons that is a big deal, from my point of view, this blog post would be, like, 10,000 words long. But – I wanted to share some of theRead More

Inspiring Your Part-Time Team Members

Inspiring Your Part-Time Team Members According to the Hay Group, median turnover rates for part-time retail workers averages approximately 67% in 2015. As most retailers know we rely heavily on part-time employees in our stores to protect scheduling. Depending on the retail organization part-time workers make up a lot of the scheduling (outside store leadership) flexibility. Because most retailers hire sales in at part-time, I have met some great talent that has to hold two or three jobs to make end’s meet. These are also the people who will leave quickly if they are given a better opportunity, more pay, more hour elsewhere – hence the high-turnover. The issue is that these workers are no different than your full-time employees in terms ofRead More

Company Values, Done Right, Help To Drive Retail Engagement

Company Values, Done Right, Help To Drive Retail Engagement I write (and talk) a lot about company values and hiring people who share and are aligned with most, if not all, of the company values. I have only worked in three companies that spoke about their values. One of them was Disneyland and one of them was my own seasonal pop-up business. These values, combined with a compelling and energizing Mission Statement, were the driving force of the workplace cultures, delivering an exceptional customer experience, and fostering amazing workplace relationships. When you hire people in who share values on a personal level with the company, you create a foundation of understanding with which to shape other guiding principles and business practices. “The voiceRead More

The Genesis of Thriving Retail Workplace Cultures

The Genesis of Thriving Retail Workplace Cultures Workplace culture – it’s something that we hear [and talk about] all the time [seriously…all…the…time]!! Some retail organizations do it really well – according to Fortune & Great Places To Work here are the best retail organizations 2016: The Container Store [Ranked 14 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For] REI [Ranked 26 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For] Build A Bear [Ranked 45 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For] Ikea [Ranked 63 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For] Nordstrom [Ranked 92 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For] There you have it – these are the five retailers that made the list – only one fashion company.Read More