Common Retail Workplace Issues … And How To Address Them

Common Retail Workplace Issues … And How To Address Them A few times a week I visit one of my happy places, The Wine Library, to satisfy my habit of Red Bull and Pelligrino. This afternoon, I was in the store and two of the associates were mildly kvetching about their Store Leaders. They were speaking about who they preferred to work with and why. While it wasn’t a great dialog to have in front of customer – it is a common workplace dialog I have heard on occasion as a customer. This experience inspired me to think about what the most common issues I have heard and how we can address some of these challenges. Common Workplace Challenges You Believe Your PayRead More

Retail Leadership Credibility Killers

Retail Leadership Credibility Killers If you have no credibility, people won’t trust you, and your reputation will be a flashing beacon of warning inside the market and the retail industry. You’ll become increasingly irrelevant—and vulnerable to the staggering numbers of others who are vying for talent, vying for customers, and they are doing it through building trusting relationships, a strong brand promise, and a fabulous customer experience. They are also inviting their talent along to learn and grow with them because they insist upon galvanizing a culture of trust and respect. This particular topic of credibility came into my mind because a former Store Director who worked inside my region sent me an email yesterday asking for a letter of recommendation because heRead More