Retailers, Is Your Organization Choking You? [*Guest Post*]

Retailers, Is Your Organization Choking You? You’ve invested time and money on growth initiative XYZ and yet, your business is not seeing the bump in sales, efficiency or profitability that you’ve promised. Why? Why are some omnichannel commerce initiatives more successful than others? Why do some retailers grow faster than others? Or record higher profits? The answer may lie not in any particular technology choice a retailer makes, or even in the tactical execution of an initiative. In many cases, strategic initiatives are at a higher risk of failure if the organization is not designed for optimum effectiveness; i.e. too many people, too few people, people in the wrong roles, insufficiently empowered for their responsibilities, or unable to influence cross-functional processes. I’ve seenRead More

Why Is Retail So Bad At Picking Great Leaders?

Why Is Retail So Bad At Picking Great Leaders? 60 Chief Executives were surveyed and virtually all of them said that recruiting and promoting leadership with true long-term/high-level leadership potential was the key ingredient to their organization’s long-term success. However, the CEOs were then quick to admit that this task is much easier said than done. Retail is great at hiring people who have experience inside similar organizations and finding those “bodies” through an ATS  that sifts through submitted resumes to weed out those that don’t have the desired retail brands in their work history. But what does past experience with a specific brand really tell us about how that person can drive results? What their value is to the business? Can THEYRead More

Qualities Of The Top Retail Leaders

Qualities Of The Greatest Retail Leaders Somewhere, once upon a time, I heard that there were 60 common attributes used to assess leaders in any industry – but there are nine qualities that separate the “good enough” leader [there are lots of these in retail] with the exceptional leaders [there aren’t nearly enough of these in retail]. Why are we swimming in a sea of mediocrity? My opinion – (1) Because retail organizations aren’t prepared to compensate top performers fairly because they are afraid it will hurt the feelings of the “good enough” and poor performers and then mayhem will occur [aka: litigation]. (2) Retail organizations are, mostly, uninspired, and – frankly – bad when it comes to recognition and appreciation. (3) RetailRead More