Qualities Of The Top Retail Leaders

Qualities Of The Greatest Retail Leaders Somewhere, once upon a time, I heard that there were 60 common attributes used to assess leaders in any industry – but there are nine qualities that separate the “good enough” leader [there are lots of these in retail] with the exceptional leaders [there aren’t nearly enough of these in retail]. Why are we swimming in a sea of mediocrity? My opinion – (1) Because retail organizations aren’t prepared to compensate top performers fairly because they are afraid it will hurt the feelings of the “good enough” and poor performers and then mayhem will occur [aka: litigation]. (2) Retail organizations are, mostly, uninspired, and – frankly – bad when it comes to recognition and appreciation. (3) RetailRead More

Common Retail Workplace Issues … And How To Address Them

Common Retail Workplace Issues … And How To Address Them A few times a week I visit one of my happy places, The Wine Library, to satisfy my habit of Red Bull and Pelligrino. This afternoon, I was in the store and two of the associates were mildly kvetching about their Store Leaders. They were speaking about who they preferred to work with and why. While it wasn’t a great dialog to have in front of customer – it is a common workplace dialog I have heard on occasion as a customer. This experience inspired me to think about what the most common issues I have heard and how we can address some of these challenges. Common Workplace Challenges You Believe Your PayRead More

Retail Leadership Credibility Killers

Retail Leadership Credibility Killers If you have no credibility, people won’t trust you, and your reputation will be a flashing beacon of warning inside the market and the retail industry. You’ll become increasingly irrelevant—and vulnerable to the staggering numbers of others who are vying for talent, vying for customers, and they are doing it through building trusting relationships, a strong brand promise, and a fabulous customer experience. They are also inviting their talent along to learn and grow with them because they insist upon galvanizing a culture of trust and respect. This particular topic of credibility came into my mind because a former Store Director who worked inside my region sent me an email yesterday asking for a letter of recommendation because heRead More

Conscientious Retail Leadership

Conscientious Retail Leadership Conscientious people live longer, get better grades, commit fewer crimes, earn more (along with their spouses), have greater influence, are more likely to lead companies that succeed long-term, and are happier at work. Those are some pretty compelling arguments for focusing on being conscientious, right?! Conscientiousness The retail world could use a little more conscientiousness, that’s for sure. To be vigilant and aware requires the ability to check in with one’s own conscience, beliefs and values pillars. The omnipresent distractions and interruptions of every day life may attempt to get in the way, but it’s incredibly important that we at least try to become more present, thoughtful individuals and leaders to our team.  When you lack conscientiousness, you allow thoseRead More

Treating Retail Employees Like Volunteers

Treating Retail Employees Like Volunteers “Engagement is a renewable daily decision that is voluntarily given when the company has proven worthy of it.” –Jason Lauritsen, Talent Anarchy Every month my nine year old son and I volunteer at a local shelter to serve lunch to the homeless. Originally this started out as a lesson to my son to appreciate the things he has but it has morphed into something we genuinely enjoy doing. It’s such a great experience because the kitchen team let’s me fix the gigantic salads – which I love doing – and working the window because I get to interact with the regulars who we have come to know. Initially my son was in charge of handing out milk butRead More