Developing Your Inner Retail Leader

Developing Your Inner Retail Leader I have this theory that most people get into Retail Leadership by accident. Especially, when I discuss entry into our industry among my circle of retail friends – we all came into this industry by chance or coincidence and found that we had an affinity for lots of aspects of the job and overall retail culture. I see amazing talent in retail very often that can absolutely be developed and encouraged to develop their leadership abilities for a long and successful career inside our industry. Creating a vivid, robust, and colorful culture can help our emerging leaders and our current leaders identify a potential long-term and successful career path which will support the health and growth of retail.Read More

7 Regrettable [But Avoidable] Mistakes Retail Leaders Make

7 Regrettable [But Avoidable] Mistakes Retail Leaders Make Regardless of what level of leadership you currently are in inside the retail industry there are challenges that exist that can bring you and your team’s momentum to a screeching halt. A valuable leadership competency in retail is to possess and exhibit a high-level of self-awareness – which, in essence, means that we have to frequently step back and assess our style to determine if we are leading our teams and our own performance in the right direction and if we are optimizing our team talents in the process. If we are not, we need to reinvent our approach and upskill our style. Not Providing Feedback: Regardless of where “Delivering Fair & Balanced Feedback andRead More