I Am On Holiday!

I Am Officially On Holiday! After an incredibly busy, rewarding, and productive three years I am finally taking some very exciting vacation time for myself and my kiddos during this holiday season! Since I launched this blog in January of 2016 I have had just over 1 million visits, over 300 comments, made invaluable connections, and had hundreds of robust and vivid dialogs with a great variety people who I respect and value as part of my professional network. It has been two years of very gratifying networking and professional growth for me in so many ways. During this time I have also had several consulting gigs|jobs that I am beyond grateful for – often working 2-3, simultaneously, because I truly enjoy whatRead More

You Say Finding Top Talent Is Your Organization’s Greatest Priority. Prove It…

You Say Finding Top Talent Is Your Organization’s Greatest Priority. Prove It! Until recently I was a passive candidate in the employment market. I have been primarily consulting for over two years but recently started identifying my desire to find a permanent role [which places me now in the “active candidate” category] where I have the ability to quantify my impact on a long-term basis; build longer-lasting, highly durable and more vibrant relationships; not have to commute 812 miles every couple of days; and be home each night to balance out my responsibilities of being [at least attempting to be] a spectacular mom with being a kick-ass and innovative leader in the business world. In late summer, I received two basic screening contactsRead More

Elevating Employee Experience [Psst…It Benefits The Company, Too]

Elevating Employee Experience [Psst…It Benefits The Company, Too] In the first 10-14 days of working with a new organization I put together a comprehensive framework assessment of the key areas that need to be addressed for maximizing effectiveness¬† and productivity around the vital areas of leadership development and culture improvements inside an organization. I have been consulting, primarily,¬† for slightly longer than two years and though I go into each new role hoping to find something wildly different and unusual to work on…the fact is, that the issues across most organizations are the similar in the areas of leadership development & culture. When I enter a new business and I start to authentically build relationships with the team members in the company –Read More