I Am Available Of July 16th – Let’s Talk

I Am Available As Of July 16th – Let’s Talk! It is that time again! I am wrapping up three incredible projects [specialty retail, restaurant, and a start-up] currently and they will all be concluded as of July 16th! I have been very fortunate to support two wonderful European companies and one great new retail concept in Los Angeles, CA over the past five months. Now, I am in the market for a new, challenging, and exciting gig – gigs – or [preferably] permanent role. I am absolutely eager to join and organization where I can bring my passion for growth & self-development initiatives, drive results, sustainability, and profits. I am extremely proud to be able to offer more than simply a difficult-to-verify-listRead More

You’re Busy – Yes, We Know…

You’re Busy…Yes, We Know… In an average week I have at least a dozen conversations with people about how frequently everyone must broadcast how busy they are. These are – often – leaders who have a responsibility to be available and accessible to their people to support them, engage with them, communicate strategy [and help them see their role in it], develop them, etc. Most of the time, as leaders, these are fundamental responsibilities to their role. So, why are we not making time for these things? What are we “so busy” doing instead of our jobs? Why do we insist on telling everyone we are “super busy” all the time? Interestingly, in 1899, Thorstein Veblen, one of the biggest theorists on conspicuousRead More