Crowdsourcing Ideas Through Candidates

I thought for my final blog post for the year [and decade], I would write about a topic that is – quite frankly – prolific today, in really bad form, and it is being embraced and implemented by far too many companies. I was slow and skeptical to recognize this as a real issue when it was initially surfaced to me in mid-2018. But I have, since then, recognized the crass acceptance and adoption of the theft of ideas from candidates with no intention of considering them as potential hires. According to Dow Jones, employers offer jobs to only 0.4% of their candidates. Has this practice always kind of existed? Yes…but it’s become more pervasive and accepted today. It’s become one of theRead More

You. Me. Oui!

Hello to my much-appreciated network and anyone else who may be reading this post! My current consulting projects conclude soon and I will be available for a new role at that time. A Permanent Role Would Be IDEAL! Why would I want to go from a consultant to a permanent role with an organization? This is a question I am frequently asked. The answers are pretty simple: Out of the last 1500 days of consulting, I have traveled approximately 900 of them [including 85 international trips]. As a mom of two, that is a long time to be on the road. And though I am always home for their important moments, I wish to be home more frequently and not miss any ofRead More