Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead It’s nearing that time again. On the cusp of seasons changing, winter flurries are having me dreaming of spring, so start putting away those winter jackets and keeping an eye out for the hottest bathing suits. Think it’s a little premature to start considering springtime? Says who? It is never too early to start looking ahead, as it holds many benefits. Getting a mental escape from your surroundings is one way of taking a break. This should not be something that takes up hours, but every once in awhile, a pleasant thought of warmer weather is sure to bring a smile to your face. Always always always have something to look forward to. People who deal with depression and even thoseRead More

Excellence In Retail: Top 5 of 2015

Excellence In Retail: Top 5 of 2015 I just want to start off by saying “Thank You” to everyone who has supported my blog. Starting a blog was on my “to-do” list for 2015 and I finally got to it in late July. It has been such a fun endeavor and I get to write about my experiences and my passion for the retail industry. So, “Thank You” to everyone who has read my blog, sent me feedback, liked, shared, favorited, pinned, and retweeted my posts. It means a lot. Since it seems to be “a thing” in the blogging world – I wanted to share my most popular posts of 2015. Here they are: 1) Retail Workplace Happiness 2) Supporting and InspiringRead More