Be An Original Retail Leader

Be An Original Retail Leader Groucho Marx once said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”. I was never a huge fan of the Marx Brother’s movies but I love their story, especially Groucho’s, and how phenomenal he was at adapting to the new mediums available to bring his unique and charismatic persona to a new audience. He was, truly, an original. He was a pioneer. He was fearlessly ambitious. When I think of the context (as I interpret it) this quote was, likely, delivered in; I think about someone who is so innovative and driven that being around a group of individuals that were stuck with a particular mentality (people that all agreed with him) wouldRead More

Happy Employees = Happy Customers [And Higher Sales]

  Happy Employees = Happy Customers [And Higher Sales] There is no big secret as to the Top Reasons why people leave their jobs – if you don’t know them, you can read my article on it here, but these are the Top 5 in a nutshell: (1) The Supervisor (2) Workplace Relationships (3) Work Culture (4) Rest & Relaxation (aka: Work/Life Balance, Vacation) (5) Opportunities For Growth I don’t know anyone who doesn’t understand the concept that if you invest in your employees and create a “best place to work” for your team, you are encouraging a level of service that they will pass on to their customers. What is lacking in the big picture is the ability to execute. The financialRead More