Workplace Romance In Retail

Workplace Romance In Retail Since we have a longer February and we are only 20 days away from spring when love is in the air and due to the fact that I have been writing about heavier topics this week and working on very serious projects I wanted to share some interesting and fun statistics on workplace romance for my lighthearted topic this week. With shows like MadMen and movies like Sur Mes Levres, Someone Like You, and Bridget Jones’ Diary [the first one…the second one was rubbish], it’s tough not to get a little caught up in the idea of a steamy and exciting [and a little bit risky] workplace affair/romance. I mean, c’mon…Jon Hamm/Don Draper…the way he wears a suit, thatRead More

Retail Health & Wellness – Beware Of Workplace Cooties

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Retail Health – Beware Of Workplace Cooties Once a week I like to post something light-hearted and fun for people to read. This week I chose to do a little poking around about germs because there are SO many at work right now. So – enjoy! We are in the throes of winter weather and people are sneezing, coughing, stuffy and most work spaces are, basically, a petri dish of cooties. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “up to 80% of all infections are spread by hand contact with contaminated surfaces and direct human contact. So, most of the places we touch and come in contact with are likely harborers of germs.” and per the NationalRead More

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Evening Habits of Successful People

Wednesday Retail Wisdom: Evening Habits of Successful People The other day I wrote a playful post about the morning routines/habits of highly successful [you can read it here, if you’d like]. Sometimes it’s nice to write content that is not heavy in nature so weekly, I try to write content that is a fun and lighthearted read. Hopefully some of it is illuminating and helpful. I was going through a personal/professional email crisis [there were sooo many] last week so I thought I would brush up on some habits of effectively managing email. While I was on that topic I was curious about the morning and evening routines of successful people. Here is what I found: Taking Control Of Email 5 Steps ofRead More

Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day: Retail Edition

Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day: Retail Edition That time of year is upon us again. Yes…it’s Valentine’s Day! It’s such an interesting shopping holiday [majority of shopping is done in the six days leading up to and including the day of], stores are bleeding pink and red everywhere you look. I thought I would share some interesting and fun facts facts about this unique holiday some of which directly impacts our industry: -There are various stories about how where/when this “holiday” originated, but the most popular – from what I can find is…Valentine’s Day started from a story is about a young Roman priest named Saint Valentinus who secretly performed matrimonial ceremonies of the soldiers belonging to Claudius II. Claudius II had forbiddenRead More

Retail Holiday Parties: Dos & Dont’s

Retail Holiday Parties: Do’s & Dont’s I have been working in retail for a very long time and have attended my fair share of holiday parties both personally and professionally. Also, I have been lucky enough to attend some really amazing and some surreal [for lack of a better word] holiday parties with friends. Back when I was in college, I worked at a 5 Star Resort, as a concierge, whose business was largely conference based. At times I would work events to help out other departments and, by far, working holiday parties as a cocktail hostess was the most illuminating, educational, and down right entertaining from my perspective but tragic from other’s perspectives. I would love to know the psychology behind whyRead More