You Say Self-Promotion; I Say Think Again

You Say Self-Promotion; I Say Think Again Thanks to social media, email, and our never-ending connectivity to the internet – it is a VERY noisy and busy world out there. Self-promotion standards of etiquette are frequently shifting and vague, at best. And sometimes we can all lose sight of what is acceptable, invisible, and healthy self-promotion and creep into the arena of terrifically obnoxious. I use, primarily, two networking | social media platforms, LinkedIn & Twitter. I love LinkedIn. I live on LinkedIn. I love networking and connecting with others in my industry and with those whom I think it would be mutually beneficial relationship. Over the last several years, I have learned a thing or two about making connections that are viableRead More

Let’s Work Together In 2018!

Seeking a New Opportunity Starting In January 2018 – Let’s Talk! I am actively and enthusiastically networking find a fabulous new | permanent role in the New York City or Chicago Markets beginning in January 2018. We are less than three weeks from the start of the new year and I am ready and eager to join a team in 2018 where I can bring my value, continue my growth & self-development initiatives, and drive results, sustainability, and profits for an organization. I am happy & proud to be able to offer more than simply a difficult-to-verify-list of previous accomplishments or an index of vapid adjectives about my work history and skill set [however, I do have a résumé]. Through my blog, tangibleRead More