Dynamics Of Highly Productive Teams

Dynamics Of Highly Productive #Retail Teams

In a previous post I have written about Celebrating Top Performers In #Retail and about how we need to recognize and appreciate the “A” players on our teams. I have been very lucky and honored to work with some teams where everyone was a contributing “A” player and wanted to share some of those team qualities that make a successful and highly productive (and profitable) team.

The individuals who made up these amazing teams all understood a few things: (1) where we were going, (2) wanted to join each other on the journey, (3) were committed to perservering when there were obstacles, and (4) were kind and supportive of each other along the way – always!

(1) They Are Passionate and Obsessed With Metrics
(a) Everyone on a highly productive team is a committed contributor to the bottom line
(b) The individuals produce consistently high level results
(c) These teams are the brand ambassadors and create amazing customer experiences that result in brand loyalty

(2) These Teams Actively Recognize Each Other
(a) According to the Aberdeen Group “Best-In-Class are 41% more likely than all other to empower employees to recognize each other
(b) Through peer-to-peer recognition these team members thank each other for their contribution and support
(c) They support an elemental team spirit and “all for one and one for all” culture

(3) Team Members Proactively Share Best Practices
(a) These team members know when they face a challenge or an obstacle, the other team members are encountering a similar issue, they diligently work on a resolution and then share it to assist their peers on how implement that solution in their area
(b) They partner with each other to problem-solve and find solutions to difficulties and they pride themselves on fixing problems

(4) They Build Solid Work Relationships With Each Other
(a) The individuals of highly productive team cultures want to get to know the people who they are supporting and who is supporting them
(b) They understand they if they don’t produce results the team is negatively effected so the individuals work hard
(c) These team members are just as likely to pick up the phone ask their colleagues “what happened?” if they deliver soft results, as their supervisor is
(d) Even when times are tough they galvanize action and support each other

(5) High Level of Honesty & Integrity Is A Fundamental Practice
(a) Communication is transparent
(b) These teams are least likely to gossip and approach things with a higher level of integrity and are upfront with themselves and each other
(c) They hold each other accountable and they hold each other to elevated standards of performance through honest feedback and encouragment


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