Why We Should Work Together In 2018

Why We Should Work Together In 2018

I am actively [and enthusiastically] networking find a fabulous new | permanent role in the New York City or Chicago Markets. I am ready and eager to join a team in 2018 where I can bring my value, continue my growth & self-development initiatives, drive results, sustainability, and profits for an organization. I have consistently supported profit growth, brand advocacy, recruitment, and Employee & Customer loyalty for each organization I have had the amazing pleasure of working with as a consultant for the past three years.

Thankfully, my current project was recently extended through February 16th however I really hope to find a permanent role with an executive team and organization – between now and then – where I have the ability to quantify my impact on a long-term basis; build longer-lasting, highly durable and more vibrant relationships; not have to commute 800+ miles every couple of days; and balance out my responsibilities of being [at least attempting to be] a spectacular mom with being a fiercely driven and innovative leader in the business world.

I am happy & proud to be able to offer more than simply a difficult-to-verify-list of previous accomplishments or an index of kooky | fluffy adjectives about my work history and skill set [however, I do have a résumé]. Through my blog, actual accomplishments [see below], and accessibility – I am proactively able to provide you a glimpse into my priorities | passion, soft skills, leadership & communication styles, values, vision, organizational value, and ability to inspire and motivate dialog, change, and action as a leader that can deliver real and measurable results.

2017 Milestones [and I am only getting started…]

  • In 2016 – 2017 I worked with Capella & CareerBuilder as a Subject Matter Expert [SME], consultant, and copywriter to develop the Retail RightSkill ™ Program to help close the skills gap in the Retail Industry [This blog is a large part of that program to support the learning & development leadership candidates and retail employees].
  • I am honored to be ranked #58 Worldwide in Productivity Blogs by FeedSpot. I am humbled and so grateful that my little Excellence In Retail Blog has hit 1,000,000 visits in December 2017.

  • In November 2016 I was interviewed for my thoughts on organizational culture by the incredible team at VendHQ – you can read that interview here.
  • In May 2017 & November 2017, I was published in one of Australia’s & New Zealand’s leading retail publications:

  • My articles have been used as topics of conversation for a nationally recognized leadership podcast – Hacking Your Leadership [recognized by Forbes]:

  • I am extremely honored and privileged to be invited as a guest speaker to the WORLD RETAIL FORUM in Amsterdam, Netherlands March 15th & 16th, 2018. I will be speaking about the importance of leadership and communication in our ever-evolving industry.


Leadership – Corporate Navigation – Ethical Practice – Relationship Management – Critical Evaluation – Cultural Effectiveness – Communication – Business Acumen – Organizational Effectiveness & Development – Strategic Planning [Human Capital] – Strategic Planning & Recalibration – Learning & Development – Workforce Management – Employee Engagement & Retention – Diversity & Inclusion – Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] – US Employment Law & Regulations – Full Cycle Recruitment – Talent Sourcing – Action Oriented – Collaborative – Conflict Management – Ensures Accountability – Change Management – Manages Ambiguity – Cultivates Innovation – Interpersonal Savvy – Resilience – Influencer – Networking – Nimble Learning – Self-Development – Drives Results – Self Awareness – Situational Adaptability – Drives Vision & Purpose – Optimization of Work Processes – Resourcefulness – Human Resources – Retail Leadership – Visual Merchandising – Customer Experience – Candidate Experience – Problem Solving|Resolution – Creativity  – Framework Creation [KPI Assessment] – Microsoft/IT literate – Project Management – Foresight – Instructional Design – Job Leveling – Content Design

E-Learning Software Experience: TalentLMS – docebo – Refract – Cornerstone on Demand

Project Management: Capterra – Basecamp – Slack

I would love to hear about any opportunities, great roles, and look forward to connecting and meeting with past, present, and – with any luck – future colleagues!

My areas of expertise and passion are:

  • Leadership Learning & Development
  • Corporate | Field Communication
  • Culture | People Leadership

My niche areas of expertise are:

  • Retail Corporate Leadership
  • Retail Learning & Development
  • Sourcing & Recruitment | Talent Retention | Human Resources

I am most interested in piquing the interest of, speaking with, and landing a permanent role with, an organization enjoys working with unique and driven talent that absolutely can deliver quick, significant, and consistent results to the bottom line. I have an uncommon [I recognize this isn’t a valuable thing in most industries and my varied background works against me in a world that feels safest with predictability and the status quo] and exciting background and I am hopeful that there is an organization that can recognize and appreciate that and invite the type of ambition, truth-telling, and risk-taking that I stand for, into their organization.

I am excited and anxious to bring my innovation, initiative, and energy to a new and forward-thinking organization and I hope to find a great place to work and new workplace relationships I can build in the new year.

I invite you to contact me at:

If you have any referrals for opportunities that may match my background or know of people that I should connect with, please let me know – I would be extremely appreciative. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and  please share with any executive leaders, hiring managers, or organizations that may be looking for someone engaging, energizing, and results-focused to join their company.


MY VISION: Sparking thought & conversation and inspiring the imagination and innovation of today’s leaders and tomorrow’s emerging leaders.  Seeking to support the growth and elevation of talent inside organizations through learning and development initiatives that add value to the business and the conveyable marketability of all levels of business partners.

MY EXPERIENCE: I possess many years of practical professional experience and more than eight years of focused & accomplished leadership development and training experience. I can deliver substantial improvement to distressed organizations and I can make good organizations GREAT!

MY PHILOSOPHIES: Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, I’m only as good as the work I produce today. I work hard to make my own luck, both personally and professionally. Hope Is Not A Strategy!

MY UNIQUENESS: Seeing and solving what other leaders won’t. Engaging, aligning, and energizing teams around organizational values and vision like others can’t.


Founder and Editor in Chief of Excellence In Retail and 18 year retailer. I am passionate about and committed to inspiring thought, action, truth-telling, solution-seeking, and dialog around how to maximize talent through identifying and creating a process around critical success factors, workplace culture, signature leadership practices, productivity, profitability, alignment of employees and company vision & values, and workplace happiness inside all retail organizations.

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