I Am Available As Of July 16th – Let’s Talk

I Am Available As Of July 16th – Let’s Talk!

It is that time again! I am wrapping up three incredible projects [specialty retail, restaurant, and a start-up] currently and they will all be concluded as of July 16th! I have been very fortunate to support two wonderful European companies and one great new retail concept in Los Angeles, CA over the past five months. Now, I am in the market for a new, challenging, and exciting gig – gigs – or [preferably] permanent role. I am absolutely eager to join and organization where I can bring my passion for growth & self-development initiatives, drive results, sustainability, and profits.

I am extremely proud to be able to offer more than simply a difficult-to-verify-list of previous accomplishments and an index of employment filled with fluffy adjectives [however, I do have a résumé]. Through my blog, unique accomplishments [see below], and accessibility – I am happy to provide you a glimpse into my priorities, soft skills, leadership & communication styles, values, vision, strategic organizational dexterity, and creativity.  I also possess the valuable competency and ability to inspire and motivate positive dialog, change, and action as a leader that can deliver real and measurable results.

As my work history and background show – I have not [at all] followed a predictable or pedestrian path inside the retail industry. This has – not-so-surprisingly – made my résumé a challenge for many retail hiring managers & retail recruiters to digest – with their severely underdeveloped and ineffective talent acquisition strategies – who maintain and champion the shallow, pedantic, and dreaded status quo inside their company. I am definitely not a fit for any restrictive, myopic, and uninspired workplace cultures.

I am hoping to join a forward-thinking, innovative, interesting, collaborative, and energizing company, executive and peer group to bring my personality, initiative, moxie, and ambition to support  growth, employee happiness|culture, customer experience, and brand sustainability.

Opportunities I would love to discuss:

  • Leadership Learning & Development
  • Corporate | Field Communication
  • Culture | People | Talent Leadership
  • Strategic Planning & Recalibration
  • Retail Field Leadership in a Regional Director Role

I am a driven, ambitious, lively, hungry-for-learning human being. I am motivated by challenge and resolutely committed to improving workplace culture and profitability for organizations. My “leadership style” [since that seems to be a hugely popular parochial question right now] is based in warmth, creativity, & competence. Want to know my weakness? Check out my FAQ page !

I am currently open to the following locations for long term/permanent roles|projects:

  • Greater Chicago Market – I am based in Park Ridge
  • Greater NYC Market – I am based in Short Hills
  • Los Angeles/Orange County, CA – I am based in Irvine

Short Term opportunities – please contact me to discuss locations and consulting rates. [I am unavailable for international on-site short-term projects until September 2018.]

My Unique Accomplishments

  • In 2016 – 2017 I worked with Capella & CareerBuilder as a Subject Matter Expert [SME], consultant, and copywriter to develop the Retail RightSkill ™ Program to help close the skills gap in the Retail Industry [This blog is a large part of that program to support the learning & development of candidates and current retail learners].
  • I am honored to be ranked #58 Worldwide in Productivity Blogs by FeedSpot.
  • I am so grateful that my little Excellence In Retail Blog has hit 1,000,000 visits in December 2017.

  • In November 2016 I was interviewed for my thoughts on organizational culture by the team at VendHQ – you can read that interview here.
  • In May 2017, November 2017, and [coming soon] May 2018 I was published in one of Australia’s & New Zealand’s leading retail publications:

  • My articles have been used as topics of conversation for a nationally recognized leadership podcast – Hacking Your Leadership [recognized by Forbes and ranked in the Top 20 Business Podcasts on iTunes]:

  • I am extremely honored and privileged to have spoken at the WORLD RETAIL FORUM in Amsterdam, Netherlands March 15th & 16th, 2018 and for two additional leadership summits in Chicago and the UK – so far – in 2018.

Business Lever Results

  • Employee Engagement average increase of 22% on all projects related to people engagement
    • Focus on Culture & Workplace Happiness programs
      • Employee Recognition
      • People Events
      • Peer-to-peer programs
      • Creativity Development Program – Supporting problem solving, divergent thinking, interest, and resourcefulness
      • 12% increase in internal promotions through leadership development & career path planning
  • Employee Retention average increase of 18% on all talent projects
  • Employee Referral improvement by average of 53% in two organizations around:
    • Time to fill average improvement of seven days
    • Organizational Critical Success Factors
    • Signature Relationship Practices
    • Culture Focus/Elevation
  • Four (4) Policy & Procedure Manual updates to reflect talent elevation and support workplace autonomy
    • Updated to reflect federal & state laws [geographically specific]
    • These manuals now cater to smart and capable talent and these organizations have weeded out the bottom performers
  • Strategic Initiative Execution improved by 55% on average over the past two years within six organizations

You Can Contact Me In Any Of These Ways!

I always welcome phone calls! You can reach me the following ways:

  • Cell #: 646 246 1380
  • Email: beth@excellencein-retail.com
  • Skype: ElizaParkCoop [available anytime between 7:00am CT & 7:00pm CT]
  • WhatsApp: 646 246 1380
  • Slack: ElizabethBoyd


Founder and Editor in Chief of Excellence In Retail and 18 year retailer. I am a passionate and creative leader and coach committed to inspiring thought, action, truth-telling, solution-seeking, and dialog about how to maximize talent through identifying and creating a process around critical success factors, workplace culture, signature leadership practices, productivity, profitability, alignment of employees and company vision & values, and workplace happiness inside all retail organizations. I help create healthy, vibrant, high-performing, and highly-productive organizations that are talent magnets and focused on delivering the highest level of customer experience that will differentiate them from competition and result in long-term growth and sustainability.

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