Let’s Work Together!

Let’s Work Together!

My current L&D | Culture project concludes on July 20th, 2019. Following this lovely project, I am seeking a permanent position with an organization that values warmth, competence, curiosity, and creativity in their talent. After three and a half absolutely fabulous, growth-filled years of consulting – I am eager to find a great organization where I can make a difference in a permanent role.

Consulting To A Permanent Role – Why?

Out of the last 1160 days, I have been on the road 635 of them. I have been extremely lucky to work with 19 different organizations in six different countries. Now, I am interested in joining an organization where I can have a positive and long-term impact on the culture and the business strategy, performance, and growth. There is a significant amount of turnover in most organizations and I frequently find that 6-12 months out of a project approximately 60% of my business partners have moved on to other organizations or separated from the organization we worked with. It makes it difficult to measure long-term impact. Long-term progress is critical to my professional satisfaction.

My professional pedigree is absolutely unique and different from the “average” candidate that most organizations find oddly comforting…but my vast experience [retail, hospitality, entertainment, direct-selling, restaurant, education, career platforms] and accomplishments are valuable, relevant, and relatable to a variety of industries.

Roles I Am Open To:

  • Learning & Development Director
  • Retail Regional Leadership
  • People & Talent Strategic Leadership [Operations or HR]

Locations I Am Available For:

  • Greater New York City Market
  • Greater Chicago Market
  • Los Angeles|Orange County areas

Unique Accomplishments & Transparency

I can deliver examples of my work via this blog, publications, podcasts, and interviews – these platforms showcase real examples of my ability to communicate, motivate, and inspire change and professional growth.

Through my blog, anyone can clearly view my professional values and priorities for leadership development. I can introduce clarity and direction to a blurry culture or a muddy, ineffective talent strategy.

I fiercely and unapologetically challenge the status quo. Because of my commitment to deliver exceptional results I have been able to compile my aggregate impact/results over the last three years from 18 projects:

  • Revenue Increase of 9%
  • Employee Engagement Increase of 16% [27% in Employee-Led Learning Environments]
  • Employee Retention Increase of 12% [high-performing employee retention focused]
  • Employee Brand Advocacy Increase of 19%
  • Client Growth of 5% [through focus on Customer Experience]
  • 23% Increase in execution of company directives
  • 13% Increase in Internal Promotions
  • 22% Increase in Year 1 Retention [where we implemented a logical and engaging Onboarding Strategy]

My most valued competencies – in addition to the ones outlined in the first paragraph of this post are kindness, integrity, common sense, possessing no hidden agenda, and – without exception – honoring my commitments.

Excellence In Retail Blog

I am both honored and humbled by over 2.36 million visits to the Excellence In Retail Blog [as of 3/5/19]. The average life of a blog is 100 days. Excellence In Retail has been up and running for approximately 1160 days. It’s truly been a labor of love. I do not impose my content on anyone – I consciously made the decision not to have a subscription option for Excellence In Retail. It is voluntarily accessed and used by many different organizations [primarily retail]. I do not monetize or accept advertisers on my blog to maintain it’s integrity as a resource for leadership & workplace culture learning and development. I have stayed true to the standards I established for it when I launched it in January 2016.

I am extremely proud and privileged to have some my favorite retailers named as those that most engage with my content [via LinkedIn – these are the Top 15 in the past 6 months]:

  • Bath & Body Works | White Barn Candle
  • Old Navy
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Target
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Nike
  • Gap
  • The Container Store
  • Kirkland’s
  • Carter’s | OshKosh
  • Sur La Table
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Vans

Let’s Connect & Chat!

  • Cell #; 646 246 1380
  • Email: beth@excellencein-retail.com
  • Skype: ElizaParkCoop
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here


Founder and Editor in Chief of Excellence In Retail and 18 year retailer. I am a passionate and creative leader and coach committed to inspiring thought, action, truth-telling, solution-seeking, and dialog about how to maximize talent through identifying and creating a process around critical success factors, workplace culture, signature leadership practices, productivity, profitability, alignment of employees and company vision & values, and workplace happiness inside all retail organizations. I help create healthy, vibrant, high-performing, and highly-productive organizations that are talent magnets and focused on delivering the highest level of customer experience that will differentiate them from competition and result in long-term growth and sustainability.

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