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In just one week I have been asked to present a learning topic to a fabulous retail organization in NYC [seriously, it’s one of my favorite retailers so I am super excited]. They asked me to present 15 minutes to their creative merchant team. The attention learning span in 2018 dropped from seven minutes to six minutes in formal and informal learning environments. I have actually prepared a six minute talk to share with them to get the most out of our time together – the remainder of the time can be dialog, conversation, which is usually more valuable anyway.

But this has lead me to really think about what I can share with people that ask me for guidance [and sometimes those that don’t] in a short and sweet format that will be the most valuable to them – regardless of career level, regardless of experience, and regardless of industry. Here are those things:

Seven Standards For Excellent Leadership

  1. Always have a positive and optimistic attitude – even when submerged in chaos and mayhem [it will pass and you will excel – and show others it can be done with grace].
  2. Know that you will rarely understand more than about 10% of any other human being.
  3. Never grow apathetic or complacent! Outwork and outproduce every single person, every single day.
  4. Give a damn! Always!
  5. Your judgement isn’t going to be right 100% of the time. [Be open to other’s points of view, input, & objective data].
  6. Be civil and kind to everyone – even those you don’t care for.
  7. Cultivate and model empathy, a great culture, building of genuine relationships, courage, and continuous learning.

With only a few weeks left until the unofficial end of summer [Labor Day is September 2nd], this summer has been one of invaluable learning and challenge for me. It’s been a really exciting season – thank you to all the people that have made me a better and stronger leader during the summer of 2019!


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