Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs

Peer-To-Peer Recognition Program in Retail

One of the most effective programs I have introduced into my business in the past nine months has been a formal Peer-To-Peer Recognition Program. As discussed in previous posts, work relationships are a huge factor in workplace happiness for employees. A big part of cultivating a culture that supports healthy work relationships is to allow the employees to recognize each other for what they bring to the business, how they epitomize the company values, or how they support their co-workers.

What is Peer-To-Peer Recognition? According to Baudville it is the “genuine expression of appreciation exchanged between co-workers“.

What does Peer-To-Peer Recognition do? It increases visibility for employee achievements (both individual & collectively), it connects employees across locations, and it supports a collaborative work environment. According to TINYpulse, “44% of employees use recognition tools when made available. 54% of Millenials wish they had a way to recognize peers for a job well done”. It is a tool when provided, and use is encouraged, is important to the workplace culture.

Here are some additional benefits of an authentic Peer-To-Peer Recognition Program:
-It boosts morale and creates a stronger sense of team spirit
-It can help connect business goals to performance goals
-Real-time performance feedback and a virtual pat on the back
-Directly impacts workplace culture
-“Peers, not money, have the #1 influence on colleagues to outperform expectations” (TINYpulse) – this program supports that fact

How to create a Peer-To-Peer Recognition Program in retail: The great thing is that there are a number of no-cost ways to create programs inside your area of responsibility or for your company:
-At Cotton Candy we conducted our Monday Conference Call via Skype so that we could see each other and connect visually with one another. We had a segment of our calls called “Time Out for Shout Outs” in which team members were able to recognize each other for a variety of reasons. It was a fun portion at the end of our calls and left everyone feeling motivated and happy
-Team members were able to use their store’s iPhone for Facetime calls to other stores for recognition
-Have a Twitter account page for your team and have your team post recognition on that page, encourage the team to follow

If you have funds to invest and the Company supports the introduction of a structured program there are amazing online companies that offer structured programs on Social Media (example: “Give A Wow” or “Tap My Back”)

There is power behind recognition that is peer based. It makes employees feel good which gives them a great sense of job satisfaction. It builds relationships which improves workplace happiness that has a direct impact on customer service, according to a Bersin by Deloittle study, “Customer Service is 14% better in companies where recognition is built into the culture“.


There are things that can be instituted in each retail organization to make it a truly great place to work. It requires a little planning and lots of supportive communication. If your workplace culture is built on respect, authenticity, and alignment, done correctly Peer-To-Peer Recognition can be a wildly successful program that supports profit growth and happiness at work!


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