I have a unique, solution-oriented, positive, energizing, and forward-looking outlook on the retail industry and I am committed to creating a “Best Place To Work” for all retail organizations I choose to work with. I possess the ability to quickly elevate team productivity, communication, collaboration, strategy, organizational health, learning & development, and profit for retail organizations.

I invite you to visit my Online Résumé to find out more about my work history, background, and  retail accomplishments.  I also hope that my Excellence In Retail Blog allows for additional insight into my passion for our industry as well as my ability to inspire thought and action around some topics/challenges that impact our industry daily and weekly.

I am seeking a permanent role with an organization that would like to elevate it’s organizational health and team performance and happiness. I have experience creating training programs that resonate with all levels of team members and styles of learning, develop leadership competencies (the softer, quieter ones), and support vivid, robust, and consistent growth of business and customer/brand loyalty.

I am based in the NYC & Chicago Markets.

I would be happy to connect via any of these methods:

  • Cell: 646 246 1380
  • Office: 847 477 0480
  • Skype: ElizaParkCoop
  • Email: beth@excellencein-retail.com
  • LinkedIn: Click Here To Connect
  • WhatsApp: B 16462461380

I am pathologically reachable – so, let’s chat!