Retail Leaders: You Own Your Team’s Results and Satisfaction At Work

Retail Leaders: You Own Your Team’s Results and Satisfaction At Work

According to a Corporate Executive Board’s Study/Report, “64% of employees do not feel their current role truly reflects how they do, or should, work with others to get their jobs done, and only 40% report their manager is able to effectively connect them with their co-workers, so many are uncertain about whom to work with and how to do it successfully”. In the report it supports building a collaborative workplace for elevated performance results, organizations that were able to move more employees to high levels of enterprise performance realized a 10% improvement in profitability, compared to a 5% improvement for those who emphasized and achieved high levels of individual performance alone.

The Retail Leaders own this “team enterprise” performance or lack thereof. They create, encourage, and support a collaborative work environment or not. They either speak to and celebrate aggregate and individual performance or they speak to singular results without how it fits into the larger picture.

As we all know when people exit the business it is usually because of their direct supervisor.

A study conducted by Dr. Wayne Hochwarter and covered on TLNT here are some of the catalysts for disengaging employees:

  • 39% reported their supervisor failed to keep promises;
  • 37% mentioned that their supervisor failed to give them credit for work they accomplished;
  • 31% noted their supervisor gave them the “silent treatment” in the past year;
  • 27% recounted how their supervisor made negative comments about them to other employees and managers;
  • 24% stated their supervisor invaded their privacy;
  • 23% described how their supervisor blamed others to cover up their own mistakes.

These are the results when Retail Leaders and Managers makes these poor decisions:

  • 80% lost work time worrying about the incident;
  • 78% said their commitment to the organization declined;
  • 66% noted their performance declined;
  • 63% lost time avoiding the offender;
  • 48% decreased their work effort;
  • 47% decreased their time at work;
  • 38% decreased the quality of their work

Why on earth do we continue to blatantly put ourselves in these positions? Why are the “leaders” with the highest turnover and softest results allowed to continue driving people away? “Apathetic or disengaged employees who sap the energy and morale of their colleagues, and cost American companies $450-$550 billion each year in lost productivity”

According to this article by Jenna Goudreau, Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy says people quickly answer two questions when they first meet you:

  • Can I trust this person? (warmth)
  • Can I respect this person? (competence)

But in fact warmth, or trustworthiness, is the most important factor in how people evaluate you. “From an evolutionary perspective,” Cuddy says, “it is more crucial to our survival to know whether a person deserves our trust.” The above statistics support this.

It is critical to keeping team engaged, that there is a high-level of trust. When trust is lost, it’s lost. Doubt and uncertainty will always exist inside that professional relationship. You, the leader, own that.

As Retail Leaders we need to support, encourage, teach, guide, build and maintain a culture of trust and respect. We need to be the ultimate role models. Our leadership and human behavior will determine how successful our teams will be, how productive they will be, how profitable they will be. We own our team members results, growth, workplace happiness, futures every single day and every single interaction with them. If we want to build great team that deliver great results, we need to be great leaders. We need to live and actively display the behaviors that are expected and that produce positive results.

I say this a lot…Hope Is Not A Strategy. Only through deliberate action and a strategic focus on results can we achieve desired results. You want a great team, hire great people, let them innovate and create solutions that help the team overcome business obstacles. You want a team that delivers the highest profits, hire ambitious, intelligent, driven people and support them. You want them to be happy at work – you need to ensure you always supportive of the organizations values and vision, you need to create a culture of openness, balance, respect, honesty, and fearlessness. You want to keep your business drivers – create a workplace they don’t want to leave. You want a collaborative environment – it starts with you. You own your team’s results. You own the customer experience. You own the team’s growth. You own their workplace satisfaction. You own your results daily, weekly, quarterly, annually.


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