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It is day 37 of lock down in my city. It’s been an adventure, to say the least. For all of us. I am, however, extremely thankful for so many things – among them that I still have a great role with an organization that inspires, supports, and is genuinely concerned for their people – and that is made up of truly remarkable folks who strongly believe in their community and the communities they serve. With the recent news from the LATimes that “Less Than Half of L.A. County Residents Still Have Jobs Amid Coronavirus Crisis” – I wake up each day truly appreciative and optimistic.

I am working from home currently – as are most people I know. I have two boys who are home learning for the remainder of the school year. Weekly trips to the market continue to be a wild scene. I am beyond thankful to the many delivery people who allow us to stay home and still function in relative normalcy, the incredible staff at the supermarket, Amazon workers in all roles, my school district teachers who are exceedingly passionate about teaching our children as though they are in school with amazing curriculum and high expectations, daily.

Though I am happy that my family has remained healthy and safe from this horrible virus – I am appreciative for, and in awe of, the healthcare workers that are taking such incredible care of the worried well and the legitimately ill.


Why I Am Optimistic

I really love listening to the daily briefings given by the amazing Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and I really believe in the California Governor as well, Gavin Newsom. They speak in reality but maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for what the future holds for their states and constituents as they work through the crisis. They are grounded in unflappable leadership and have tirelessly worked to overcome the obstacles their states have been facing. There are a handful of other amazing governors that are delivering the same sense of order and reason to this crisis.

Watching their exceptional leadership has encouraged me to really focus on the positive of what is to come post-peak-crisis. I have been re-reading some of my most favorite and influential books in my library, watching some of my favorite videos, and practicing mindfulness as I balance the chaos that most days bring between work, home learning, parenting, and constantly preparing breakfast/snacks/lunches/dinners in my very tiny kitchen. These are some of the resources that have helped me tremendously over the last week.

My Favorite Inspiring Reads

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius: Wisdom, practical guidance, and a profound understanding of human behavior written almost 2000 years ago and still very relevant today. Marcus Aurelius was the last of the rulers known as the Five Good Emperors. He was the last emperor of the Pax Romana, which was an age of [relative] peace and stability for the Roman Empire.

Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl:  Man cannot avoid suffering but can choose how to cope with it. Mr. Frankl is a Nazi Death Camp survivor who offers wisdom and strength to the readers of this book.

Recommended To Watch

Short Videos To Inspire

Kim Scott speaks about Radical Candor in this 15 minute YouTube video.

Kio Stark explains Why You Should Talk To Strangers in this 12 minute video.

LinkedIn Learning offers some amazing resources and this great, new 14 minute presentation on Embracing Unexpected Change is no exception and definitely worth a watch, if you subscribe.

Netflix Finds

If you haven’t caught the Netflix original series collection “Explained” it’s absolutely worth watching at least a few episodes. They currently offer three separate series:

  • Explained [2 seasons covering an array of topics]
  • Explained: The Mind
  • Explained: Sex

As it relates to this post, I have found two incredibly relevant episodes that I have recommended to a few people over the last few weeks:

Explained, The Mind: Mindfulness: Explains how, and why it’s important, to manage our emotions.

Explained, The Next Pandemic: This episode speaks to the start, spread, containment, and control of pandemics and helped me to better understand our current environment. Scientia Potentia Est

Quarantine Photo Gallery

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