How To Set Your Retail Team Up For Success in 2016

How To Set Your #Retail Team Up For Success In 2016

As I am typing this post we are only 42 days from celebrating the New Year. If you read the business section of any (reputable) news website or read any online retail industry publications, such as Retailing Today and Retail Industry News @ About, there is already speculation around how the retail landscape will change in 2016. Times can be challenging in retail but if you focus your area of responsibility at work on what you can do to deliver a positive, happy, productive, collaborative and profitable contribution to your business.

We know what employees want to be productive and happy at work:

-Honest and Transparent Communication
-Meaningful Workplace Relationships
-Work/Life Balance
-Fewer Meetings
-Consistent Performance Feedback
-Clarity And Direction Around Employee Advocacy
-Growth & Development

Over the past few months I have been working with a former company on an 2016 Events Calendar to help improve and inspire their workplace culture initiatives. The current culture is fairly challenged and their commitment to their team in 2016 is to deliver a workplace culture that ensures employee wellness and happiness. It is refreshing to see a company take responsibility for their culture (or lack thereof) and make an investment in rehabilitating it for the employees and customers. Some of the things that we have been able to implement at the company for Q1 2016:

-Formal onboarding program for the new hires first nine months
-Executive commitment to a 30% reduction in meetings
-100% refreshed Employee Handbook
-Flexible working schedule available for team members based on performance
-Implementation of a formal recognition program
-Structured “Stay Interview” program
-Employee Wellness program
-Bi-Monthly Company Events outside the office for employees (paid/during work hours)

As I have been working with this company and researching vendors and the various topics listed above – I have been documenting these topic to share with my Twitter and LinkedIn networks. I wanted to put these relevant topics into one post for easy reference. The great thing about these programs is that even in your culture doesn’t support them, you can roll them out on a smaller scale to your area of responsibility to improve workplace happiness.

Here are some of the links to the points mentioned above:

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If there is one thing retail people have in common it is our resourcefulness. Those of us who are truly committed to our industry and have a passion for our teams and the business will find what we need to deliver greatness and consistency. I hope these tools above (and the links they contain) will help with, at least, getting ahead of a couple challenges you are likely to encounter and help you set yourself and your team up for great success in the New Year!


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