Secrets To Being Successful In Retail

Secrets To Being Successful In #Retail

Merriam-Webster defines success as this: (a) the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame; (b) the correct or desired result of an attempt; and (c) someone or something that is successful; or a person or thing that succeeds

Here are some core competencies of successful people in Retail

-Goal Setting
-Fulfilling of Commitments
-Calculated Risk Taking
-Information Seeking/Self-Development
-Concern for quality products
-Systematic Planning
-Master Strategist
-Ownership of Results
-Sense of Urgency

I know this list probably seems a little intimidating but most successful people have these competencies hard-wired into their personalities. What I mean by “hard-wired” is that successful people have created habits and “methods to their madness” that through focused-effort and self-discipline have allowed these competencies to become second nature to them. If you are driven and have an incredible desire to win you possess these. It just comes naturally.

Here is a fabulous blog post by Gregory Ciotti, “5 Scientific Ways To Build Habits That Stick”. This is very relevant and do-able advice people who are working at improving your success rate in Retail.

Here are some habits that very successful people have already mastered and practice on a daily basis:

1. They take ownership of their results and have a “no excuses” personal policy
-Successful retailers test their theories for results before sharing.
-They are persistent and can reinvent their approach to improve their results
-They accept and acknowledge their mistakes and use them as learning experiences
-They do not blame anyone else for what they don’t have or don’t know – successful people are extremely resourceful and passionate about winning ideas and will work hard to find the answers they need to be great

2. They make “it” happen
-Successful people are not clock watchers
-They invest the time, resources, and the energy to deliver great results
-They quickly assess the task, strategize their course and start the process
-They find the tools and answers needed to successfully execute their responsibility
-If they require the assistance of others they surround themselves with talent that is smarter and more skilled then they are to help find solutions
-They are innovative and impassioned about learning and improving processes or ideas

For the average person who “rides the line, until it’s time to shine” they are adept at and their first recourse is, usually, to place blame on a person, place, or thing for hindering their progress. “I could have done it well if X” or “I wanted to do it, but X”. This is typical of mediocre (at best) employees that deliver inconsistent results to the business.

3. They follow the “road less traveled”
-The masses usually follow tradition and play it safe
-Successful people understand that a conventional approach to results equates to delays and possible mediocre results. They are trailblazers
-By being innovative, persuasive, dynamic they invite other who are have similar competencies in different areas to help deliver results that are great

4. They share the success and inspire others
-Successful people in retail can pull together and group of people who didn’t know how impactful they could be and through amazing communication, attention, teamwork, and leadership they can inspire greatness in others
-They celebrate the collective successes and the individual contributions of their team members

5. They communicate at a higher level than their “average peers”
-They are actively involved and their leadership acumen shows in their communication style
-They are efficient, clear, and concise in their communication style
-They have thoughtful feedback and proactively provide solutions for business obstacles
-They are positive and optimistic and speak to what they can do in lieu of what cannot be done
-They have a sense of humor – about themselves, about work, about life and they aren’t afraid to laugh at their mistakes

6. They build their team and colleagues up
-Successful people don’t have time for gossip or negativity and have little time to pay attention to what others are doing – they are more concerned with their performance and responsibilities
-They inspire others and assist others
-Successful people have a optimistic attitude and, generally, will behave in a positive and encouraging manner

Here are a couple more bits of advice from successful people from “Oprah” magazine you can click the link for the detail, but here are the main points :

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff
2. Pace yourself
3. Try new things
4. Look polished (this is a big one…take the dress code or dress culture of the company and be a more polished, professional version of that – all the time)
5. Know when to quit
6. How to delegate effectively
7. Smile (Fake it til you make it)
8. How to laugh at life
9. Manage your time in a virtual world (get out and live life)
10. Make yourself heard (and known as a smart, savvy person who delivers results)
11. Don’t get discouraged
12. How to spot a good opportunity (trust your instincts)
13. Understand your audience (both internal and external customer)
14. Win the fight
15. Adapt when your life takes a turn (reinvent yourself, don’t let change impede your personal or professional progress)

Your performance results are ultimately your choice. You choose to deliver soft results, average results, or amazing results but whatever you choose…you need to own your choice. You can’t cross your fingers and hope to deliver greatness…you will have to commit to doing hard work, investing your time, a dedication to learn and develop yourself – but…results lead to opportunity, growth, celebration, and a great sense of accomplishment. If you want to progress in retail – you have the ability depending on the effort and focus you put into it.


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