Benefits Of Self-Development

Benefits Of Self-Development

I get very excited when I hear about organizations that invest in learning & development for their people. REAL learning and development, not just learning that benefits the organization but information that promotes and enhances the marketability of the employee and their career path – whatever that may be. Unfortunately, organizations that truly and unselfishly make an investment in the growth of their team members are rare but they are out there and they worth their weight in gold. I also get extremely delighted when I meet people who are passionate and completely obsessed with their personal development. People who proactively seek to upskill their knowledge or competencies are unique and engaging as they share with and learn from others.

We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. -Jim Rohn

I have worked – primarily – in the retail industry throughout my career and to find people who are excited and engaged around their personal development is not as common as it should be/needs to be in today’s evolving market. Personal development is about investing in yourself so that you can manage your career and professional growth – effectively. I am a big believer in making one’s own luck. Rather than wait for good things to happen, you get out in the market/workplace and create your destiny when you invest in yourself and your career. Employees who are empowered to achieve in their day-to-day work and career development challenge organizations to expand and meet new and rising standards of business performance and expectations.

Not only does investing in your personal/professional development speak volumes about your focus and determination but there are other benefits as well that may be softer and quieter but that work to establish a vivid and robust personal brand:

  • It Shows You Have A High-Level of Self-Awareness: According to Psychology Today Self-Awareness is defined as, “the accurate appraisal and understanding of your abilities and preferences and their implications for your behavior and their impact on others.” It’s reality-testing; a calibration against the facts of life. When people possess a high-level of self-awareness they have a vision for how they want their careers to grow. They have personal & professional values that aren’t negotiable because they authentically know who they are. They possess a compelling purpose. Self-aware, smart, and driven people design their lives and careers based on who THEY are – not who others believe they should be. Because of that, they have direction and focus to follow their vision [and it excites them].
  • It Is A Catalyst For Personal & Professional Motivation: When you start your day with a plan and a purpose, there is an excitement that accompanies the start of the day. People who are making an investment in themselves don’t dread Mondays or tomorrow – they are driven by them. When you know what you want to achieve, it is easier for you to see the benefits of taking action – even around the smaller or mundane details of your plan. There are lots of positive qualities that go hand-in-hand with one who possesses a lot of motivation: organization, self-esteem, and confidence, to name a few.

  • It Provides A Sense Of Direction: Your vision takes you to the right resources to learn and grow and to be able to accomplish each objective on your way to your goal. Because you have a vision and values, decision making is easier and the appropriate path becomes clearer. People who are passionate about their self-development live consciously and with intent. When you have a vision and a direction through a focus on what you want out of your development, you’ve create a more meaningful and satisfying life path. We each have a tremendous opportunity to choose paths that energize and inspire us or…not.
  • Elevated Efficiency & Effectiveness: Identified objectives and goals bring with them clarity. Clarity around what your priorities are and what your next development initiative(s) needs to be to get to the next step in your journey. People who are eager self-developers don’t procrastinate and don’t waste time on efforts that don’t add/bring value to their goals. They are pathological in planning and prioritization and managing their time to extract the most meaning from their actions.

  • Everything Is A Learning Opportunity: Mistakes, failures, success – people who are focused on their development use every twist and turn to their day to learn. They are extremely resilient so they do not waste a lot of time feeling defeated when they don’t land where they want to. If things don’t work out the way they expected, they pick themselves up, determine where things went wrong and they fix this issue(s) and learn from the deviation in their plan.
  • Happiness Is A Great Benefit: Again, self-development brings clarity which supports identifying what is important – and what is not – in your life. Driven, focused, and ambitious people – generally, surround themselves with people who share the same characteristics. This creates a  personal and professional culture that is supportive and inspiring that supports growth and improvement. People who are committed to improving their circumstance weed out people from their lives who choose to be victims of theirs.

Personal development is about taking the time and, making the commitment, to invest in your greatest resource – you and your mind. The most important resource that controls your life, is not only the one you take most for granted but is also the one you rely on the most. We, all of us, understand how important it is to take care of our bodies, but you rarely hear people telling you to take care of your mind. Most people don’t think of their mind as a “resource”, but it absolutely is. You rely on it for just about everything you do. Where would you be without your intelligence, innovation, and creativity? The world is busy, loud, toxic, and chaotic – at times. We are surrounded by noise, pollution and we are – most of the time – “drowning in information but starving for knowledge“.  Everyone need to be selfish when it comes to their learning and development. You are your greatest advocate or enemy when it comes to personal and professional growth.


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