Employee Caught Stealing What To Do?

After being found stealing, you will be asked to attend a private meeting with your boss and a representative from the HR department. At this juncture, it is most likely in your best interest to tender your resignation and get out of this mess. It is in your best interest to resign from your position rather than wait for your company to fire you.

The Next Steps: How to Deal with Theft Committed by Employees

  1. Make sure the employee no longer has access to the company either physically, electronically, or financially
  2. Conduct an investigation into both the theft and the employee to establish the full scope of the problem
  3. Maintain compliance with the disciplinary procedures of your firm
  4. Notify the police and your insurance carrier about the theft committed by the employee

What to do if you suspect an employee is stealing?

It is always disheartening for a business owner to think or find that an employee has stolen from the business. However, it is in your best interest to maintain your composure and to bear in mind that the only components of the scenario that are relevant are the following: a) the proof; b) the degree to which the theft occurred; and c) business policy.

How do you deal with theft in the workplace?

  • If an employee steals from you, your only real option is to fire them, no matter how cruel it sounds.
  • You must do the following in order to create a case for termination: Collect the evidence.
  • Video and digital evidence are powerful.
  • It is also appropriate to have a witness.
  • Perform an inspection of the computer files as well as the financial records.
  • Documents, computer data, and emails should all be kept safe.
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What are examples of stealing from the workplace?

  • Theft in the workplace occurs when an employee steals something that belongs to the employer or to another employee without permission and utilizes it for their own personal gain.
  • This can be either the employer or another employee.
  • Taking practice supplies and utilizing them for personal use at home is one example.
  • Another would be refunding patient transactions and keeping the money for yourself instead of giving it back to the patient.

What is data theft and why do employees steal?

Theft of data and other forms of intellectual property is becoming an increasingly widespread criminal activity. Why Do Workers Steal From Their Employer? Theft always involves some type of financial gain, whether it be in the form of actual cash or the earnings from the sale of stolen property. Theft by employees requires a purpose and an opportunity, just like any other type of theft.

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