Employee Who Beat A Black Man Having A Seizure?

  • According to the Rocky Mount Telegram, a convenience store employee in Rocky Mount, North Carolina was taken into custody after he was seen on tape punching a Black man who was having a seizure.
  • The incident was documented on camera.
  • On December 22, a video was released showing Sobhi Hassan, 68, hitting Gregory Evans, 56, with what seems to be a wooden stick.
  • The incident was captured on tape.

The Rocky Mount Police Department made an arrest of Sobhi Hassan, 68, earlier on Tuesday, December 28, in connection with the incident. Hassan was charged with simple assault in relation with the incident. On the footage, Hassan can be heard yelling at Evans to ″Get out immediately,″ and then can be seen approaching him and hitting him six times on the leg while Evans was having a seizure.

Who was the man who had a seizure after being beaten?

  • Officials in North Carolina said that a man who was beaten by an employee of a convenience shop suffered a seizure as a result of the assault.
  • According to the Rocky Mount Police Department and many news sources, a video from The Princess Market showed worker Sobhi Hassan using a ″wooden stick-like instrument″ to beat a client last week.
  • The video was captured by the store’s surveillance camera.

Did a convenience store worker beat a man who had a seizure?

This is the upsetting moment an employee at a convenience shop in North Carolina was captured on tape punching a customer who was suffering a seizure inside the business. The customer was in the middle of an attack.

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