How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dtlr?

To be eligible for employment at DTLR, the minimum age requirement is 16.

What kind of jobs does DTLR have?

The DTLR outlets are constantly looking for new workers to fill open positions. The positions of sales associate, assistant manager, and manager are by far the three roles that are hired for the most frequently. There is a possibility that additional jobs will become available at various points in time. Sales Associate. The regular members of DTLR’s armed forces.

How do I apply to work at DTLR?

  1. Application for the DTLR There are a few different methods to apply for a job at DTLR, but the one that is most straightforward is to do so through the DTLR website.
  2. You also have the option of calling the work hotline at the number 1-877-DTLR-JOB.
  3. Those who are interested in modeling for DTLR or becoming a part of the firm’s street team (a form of marketing) are urged to send an email to the company directly at the address [email protected].

How old do you have to be to work at Foot Locker?

At Foot Locker, the minimum age requirement for a position as a sales associate is 16 years old, and applicants must be at least that old. You are eligible to submit your application for a position as a sales lead or assistant manager at a retail establishment if you have at least one year of experience working in retail sales.

What is it like to intern at DTLR?

DTLR Careers. In addition to gaining experience working in a studio, doing an internship at the radio station that is owned and operated by DTLR is an excellent opportunity to acquire a better sense of the culture of the firm. You will assist the radio DJs in researching current music trends, producing playlists, and working together with other interns while you are an intern here. Laborer.

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