How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Jiffy Lube?

What is the minimum age requirement to get a job at Jiffy Lube? 16 years old and have a driver’s license that is still active.

How do I get a job at Jiffy Lube?

If you are interested in pursuing a one-of-a-kind and gratifying experience with a Jiffy Lube® service center, we invite you to get in touch with a Jiffy Lube® service center about job possibilities. You can find their contact information here. Find a Jiffy Lube® service center in your area, then give that location a call to find more about employment opportunities.

Does Jiffy Lube have a warranty?

The Nationwide Limited Warranty Program provides customers who bring their vehicles to participating Jiffy Lube® service centers with a written limited nationwide parts and labor warranty. This gives customers peace of mind, as they know that in the highly improbable event that something goes wrong, Jiffy Lube will assist in fixing the problem and getting them back on the road.

What does Jiffy Lube do for meals on Wheels America?

/PRNewswire/ – HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 22 2022/ — Jiffy Lube, an industry leader in vehicle maintenance for more than 40 years, and Meals on Wheels America, the leadership organization supporting community-based programs dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation, have announced a national collaboration today as part of Jiffy Lube’s Drive To Do More in the Community initiative.

What is Jiffy Lube leave worry behind®?

It is the objective of each and every employee at Jiffy Lube to go above and beyond simply changing oil in order to assist in reducing the stress that is brought on by the need for periodic car maintenance. Jiffy Lube is dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle continues to perform as it should during its entire lifetime, so that you can Leave Worry Behind®.

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