How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Sunsplash?

It will be necessary to conceal one’s identity and maintain a social distance. Those that are selected for an interview will have positive attitudes, be dependable, and be at least 16 years old. Before going to the Job Fair, those who intend to go should submit an application for the position (or positions) in which they are interested, using the online application system.

How old do you have to be to work at Safeway?

16 for those working as courtesy clerks. What is the minimum age requirement to work at Safeway? Should a girl who works as a customer clerk and is 14 or 15 years old be required to bring shopping trolleys from the parking lot inside the store? If they work as a cashier, then they could be requested to do so, but they have the option to refuse if they are concerned about their safety.

Can you drink alcohol at Sunsplash?

It is against the rules to consume alcohol anywhere on the premises, and this includes the parking lots.Anyone who seems like they could have been drinking alcohol won’t be permitted inside the park.It is not allowed to bring beach chairs, umbrellas, or any other sort of shade construction to the beach.Sunsplash features a number of shady sitting spots located at various points throughout the park.

What happens if Golfland SunSplash is closed due to weather?

In the event that activities are halted due to bad weather, Golfland SunSplash features a 20,000 square foot climate-controlled arcade structure that will keep patrons safe from the elements. – Every ticket has the ability to be changed to a different entrance level.

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