How Old To Work At Regal Theater?

You may start working at most Regal stores as young as 16.

What age can you work at Regal Cinemas?

People who are looking for job may frequently come across chances for full-time, part-time, and seasonal work. Candidates for entry-level positions at Regal Cinemas who are at least 16 years old typically find work on the floor staff and are required to perform responsibilities at the box office, concession stand, and usher positions.

What does a floor staff do at Regal Cinemas?

  1. To maintain its position as an industry leader, Regal Cinemas hires qualified individuals for a wide variety of professions, ranging from working on the floor as a member of the concessions crew to taking on the role of general manager.
  2. Floor Staff The duties of an Usher, someone to manage the Box Office, and someone to run the Concession Stand fall within the purview of the Floor Staff position.

How much do wait staff get paid at Regal Cinemas?

Wait Staff – The Wait Staff is in charge of making sure that guests are well taken care of and that they have the greatest experience possible while they are at Regal Cinemas. When working as a Wait Staff member, you may anticipate earning anything from $7 to $11 per hour.

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