Where Is The Hidden Blue Coin In Retail Row?

To put things more simply, the Blue Coin that has to be buried for this Fortnite challenge can be found in the backyard of the home that is located in the southwest corner of Retail Row. The bright paint job used on this property makes it easy to find.

You’ll discover the blue coin on the western side of Retail Row, on the southern side of the enormous yellow home. Retail Row is the street that runs west to east. You’ll see a little dirt mound that has a faint glow emanating from it. You only need to strike it with your pickaxe, and the blue coin will immediately appear.

Where can I find a blue coin?

At Retail Row, there is just one blue coin that has been buried, and it is located next to a yellow wood home. The coin is buried in the ground next to a tree. When you get near to it, you will be able to notice a blue light emanating from a little pile of dirt on the ground. This will be visible to you once you have moved closer to it.

Where to find the buried blue coin in Fortnite?

This week’s Fortnite challenge requires players to unearth the missing blue currency that was buried in Retail Row. On the east side of the made is where you will discover Retail Row. Because it has a name, the place is quite straightforward to find.

How do you get the blue coin on the mini-map?

You will need to navigate your way to a home that is located towards the bottom of the letter ″E″ in Retail Row on the smaller map. You should be able to notice the basketball hoop attached to this yellow house, and the Blue Coin will be located just next to the driveway. You ought to come across a heap of leaves that is illuminated in blue.

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How do you dig up the blue coin?

When you get near to it, you will be able to notice a blue light emanating from a little pile of dirt on the ground. This will be visible to you once you have moved closer to it. Simply use your harvesting tool to strike the soil mound where the blue coin is hidden until the ″challenge accomplished″ message appears. This will allow you to unearth the coin.

Where is the hidden blue XP coin in Retail Row?

You will need to land at Retail Row in order to locate it. After that, make your way to the southwestern most point of the POI. You’ll discover a home right here, and beyond it, in the backyard, there’s a bright blue mound that contains the experience point coin! The coin may be easily unearthed by just striking the mound with your pickaxe.

What is blue coin?

Blue Coins are a unique variety of coin that debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3 and have since made subsequent appearances in a wide variety of other games. Blue Coins can also be formatted as blue coins. They often materialize in big groupings once a switch is hit, and their colors can range from a pale cyan to a blue that is quite dark and strongly saturated.

Where is the blue coin in Pleasant Park?

Keep in mind that in order to view it, you will need to move closer to the house because it will be on the inside corner of the home’s fence adjacent to a small tree and a basketball hoop. Hit the dirt mound with your pickaxe when you locate it so that you may unearth the Blue XP Coin that is buried there.

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Where is the buried treasure in Retail Row?

You’ll see a mound of dirt by a tree just outside the front door, in the space between the path and the driveway. Get close to it and hit it with your pickaxe to unearth the buried blue coin that’s part of the Fortnite quest for Retail Row and finish this side quest.

How many blue Coins are there?

In Super Mario Sunshine, a total of 240 Blue Coins may be found. They are typically concealed in undisclosed locations or in places that are difficult to access. The most frequent locations for finding Blue Coins are those that are easy to spot yet challenging to access.

How many blue Coins are in each area?

There are thirty Blue Coins to be obtained in each region (such as Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, etc.). There are two notable departures from this rule. The last location in the game, Corona Mountain, has a total of ten Blue Coins.

How many blue Coins do you get per stage?

The objective of the game is to gather thirty blue coins from each of the game’s levels, with the exception of the final level, Corona Mountain, which has 10 blue coins.It is possible to purchase a Shine Sprite in return for ten Blue Coins.This item may be used to unlock new parts of the game, advance the plot, or simply assist players who are attempting to finish the game with a perfect score.

How do you get the Free Guy emote in Fortnite?

Learn How to Get the Free Guy Emotes in Fortnite Here!

  1. Receive a blow from a moving car. In this competition, the tasks that you are required to do are, for the most part, obvious.
  2. Put coins in various locations throughout the map.
  3. Reboot or revive teammates, or engage in conversation around campfires
  4. Take Melee Damage.
  5. Talk to any of the NPCs
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How do you get Ryan Reynolds emote in Fortnite?

Instructions on how to acquire the Free Guy skin for Ryan Reynolds in Fortnite

  1. Get struck by a moving car for a score of 0/1
  2. Put coins at various locations throughout the map (0.3)
  3. Interact with campfires, reboot or resurrect teammates, or do other actions to earn 0/1
  4. Take melee damage (0/1)
  5. Talk to any non-player character (0/1)
  6. Utilize the Free Guy Emote while the opponent is close (0/1)

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