Where To Find Cat Food In Retail Row?

Players will be able to locate Retail Row in the vicinity of Abstrakt, an NPC that may be found in the region. The Cat Food will be close to a gray container in the Dirty Docks area, and players will be able to discover it there. On the map, it may be found quite close to the letter ‘O’ that appears in the term ‘Docks.’

To begin, you should land on the northern side of Retail Row, precisely in the middle of the upper right hand side of the map if you are looking at it. You’ll know you’re at the proper place when you see a big truck and some graffiti on the wall there at the same time. Just in front of the gate is a wall where there is a box with cat food leaning up against it.

Where can I find cat food items?

Just remember that you’re not a cat and refrain from eating it yourself. You will have the opportunity to locate a total of four different types of cat chow this week; but, similar to the majority of other quests, you will only need to locate a few of these things in order to gain the challenge XP. The Dirty Docks have two food trays designed for cats.

Where can I find cat food in Fortnite?

The first crate of Cat Food may be discovered in retail row, directly beyond Nom’s.If you are unsure, please refer to the map that is located above.It is recommended that you go to the north side of town, where Nom’s is located, and inspect the area behind the building.

  1. After that, you have the option of either landing immediately at Dirty Docks from the combat bus or taking the truck up to Dirty Docks.
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Where can I find cat food in Fallout 76?

Retail Row, much like Dirty Docks, is home to two cat food quest items that are conveniently located near one another. Both of these quest items may be found in the same general area. To tell you the truth, it makes a lot more sense to locate cat food in a grocery shop than it does in a shipping yard, especially when it’s right there next to a UFO. I have to concede that.

Where to buy cat food in Grand Theft Auto V?

The first location on Retail Row to stock cat food is the supermarket on the northern end of the shopping center, which is referred to as ″Retail Row.″ You may pick up some cat food that has been arranged in a row against the building’s back wall if you go around to the back of the building.

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