How Much Are Supreme Hoodies Retail?

Original retail price of the Supreme American Flag Print Box Logo Hoodie was $148 and the highest price that it has been resold for is $1,015.

What is the price range for a Supreme Box Logo Hoodie for the Fall/Winter 2021 season? The price tag on the Fall/Winter 2021 Supreme Box Logo Hoodie was $168 when it was sold in retail. If you did not get one and are interested in purchasing one through StockX, the pricing range you will be looking at is from the low $300s to the middle of the $500s.

What hoodies have the Supreme logo on them?

The blue Supreme logo is superimposed on top of the bigger Lacoste emblem that is featured on the black Lacoste Logo Panel Hooded Sweatshirt. The Supreme x Louis Vuitton Box Logo Hoodie is one more example of a timeless classic hoodie collaboration.

How much does Supreme cost in-store?

  • Because of the extremely limited nature of this release, the only way to make money with Supreme merchandise is to acquire it secondhand and then resale it.
  • You might be surprised to find that the costs of things sold in-store by Supreme are not quite as exorbitant as you would have anticipated.
  • They range in price from about $38 for a T-shirt to about $138 for a hoodie in the retail market.

How much does a Supreme Bogo hoodie cost?

  • It should not come as a surprise that resellers charge a high premium for them; the typical cost of a bogo hoodie on Grailed is between $450 and $500.
  • When compared to its original price of $148, this is a significant markup.
  • Because Supreme’s audience has grown to such a large size while the company has stuck to its less-is-more business approach, it is now extremely difficult to get authentic Supreme merchandise online.
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What are the most popular Supreme box logos?

The most popular goods, such as the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie, feature the instantly recognizable logo of the Supreme Box. Throughout the company’s history, Supreme has worked together with industry powerhouses such as Nike, The North Face, and even Louis Vuitton.

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