How Much Are The Cool Grey 11S Retail Price?

The sneakers have just made a comeback and were made available to the public on December 11 with a suggested retail price of $225. The ″Cool Grey 11s″ are the first Jordan 11s to ever be launched that are not the ″OG Jordan 11s,″ and they are also the first pair in the ″Cool Grey″ series that are now regarded to be the ″OG Jordan Colorway.″

Date of the Release of the Air Jordan 11 in Cool Grey in 2021 The Air Jordan 11 ″Cool Grey″ is scheduled to make its debut on December 11 at a limited number of shops, including StockX. The suggested selling price, in US dollars, comes in at $225.

Will the cool grey 11 be the must-have Jordan 11 of 2021?

The holiday Jordan 11s have been each year’s largest release for the past three years, the value of Cool Grey 11s has been rising, and there has been a boom in the market for Jordan 11s; all of these factors lead to this year’s Cool Grey release being the must-have release of 2021.

How much is an Air Jordan 11 blue worth?

Air Jordan 11 Retro in the colorway known as ″Legend Blue.″ Air Jordan 11 (XI) White and black with a legend blue colorway. Release Date: 12/20/2014. Original Price: $200. Average Resell Value: $331.

When will the Air Jordan 11 colorway return?

  • The hue had its first appearance in 2001 and was made available again in 2010.
  • There were rumors going around that the hue was going to make another appearance in 2020; nevertheless, it has been reported that the colorway is scheduled to make another appearance in 2021.
  • Even though the Air Jordan 11 in Cool Grey was not an original colorway, Mike nonetheless wore them frequently on the court despite the fact that they were not an OG colorway.

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