How Old Do U Have To Work At Home Depot?

If you are 16 years old or older, you are eligible to begin working at Home Depot. However, the minimum age to work in customer service is 18.

Can a 15 year old work at Home Depot?

  1. 15-year-olds are not eligible for employment at Home Depot since the minimum age to work there ranges from 16 to 18 years old depending on the state.
  2. Of the other hand, if you like, you can visit the page on our website that is devoted just to individuals who are 15 years old.
  3. Do You Need a High School Diploma to Work at Home Depot?
  4. In some areas, the minimum age to work at Home Depot is 16, which means that individuals who are just 16 years old are eligible for employment at specific stores.

How to apply for a job at Home Depot?

  1. Information Regarding Applications 1 Minimum Age Requirement Home Depot employees must be at least 18 years old, unless the state or a local Home Depot store has granted them an exception or special authorization to work there.
  2. 2 The majority of retail establishments are open from six in the morning until ten in the evening, Monday through Saturday, and from eight in the morning until nine in the evening on Sunday.
  3. You can submit your application over the phone, online, or in person.

Why work at Home Depot?

  1. The Home Depot places a high priority on your professional growth by providing you with training that not only teaches you about the company’s operations but also helps you build your leadership abilities and product expertise.
  2. Through the use of our associate discount site, Home Depot employees saved a total of $15 million in the previous year.
  3. This includes an average savings of $300 per year on their monthly cell phone bills.
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Is spring a good time to work at Home Depot?

The beginning of spring is an excellent time to become a member of The Home Depot. In point of fact, when spring ends, we retain the services of approximately half of our seasonal employees. If you do decide to continue on, the days that you worked as a seasonal associate will count toward your eligibility for benefits such as paid time off for vacation and sick leave.

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