How To Get Nike Employee Store Guest Pass?

A member of the Nike staff or an affiliate of the company can provide you with a guest pass. Alternately, you need to be the spouse, partner, or direct family member of a full-time worker in order to qualify. Or perhaps you work for a company that supplies Nike with goods.

You may start by inquiring with a couple of your pals to find out if they know anyone who knows someone else.You will be required to submit both your complete name and email address before the process can begin (where the Nike Guest Shopping Pass will be emailed to).Alternately, the staff could hand you an actual Nike Guest Pass, which will typically have a date printed on it to indicate when it should be discarded.

How do you get into the Nike store without a pass?

The answer is as easy as making friends with a member of the Nike staff.There is no pass required to enter the employee store for employees, their wives, or their immediate families.I cannot recall the precise amount, but I believe that each Nike employee has access to somewhere in the range of six extra passes that they may share with one another.

They receive a couple extra in most cases around the time that school starts back up again.

Can Nike employees bring guests into the store?

On the other hand, Nike workers and contractors have the ability to accept customers as guests on certain occasions, but they are not required to accompany customers into the shop. I mean that after the front end staff has checked the identification of the guests and given out passes, then they will be able to go.

Do Nike workers get discounts?

Employees of Nike, Inc. and their family members are eligible for a variety of perks, one of which is a discount on merchandise from Nike and Converse. Check out the full list of employee benefits at to learn more about the advantages that come with working with Nike.

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Can anyone go to Nike headquarters?

The Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon houses both an office and a museum dedicated to the company’s history. The museum showcases a variety of artifacts that date back more than half a century. Visitors may board a bus to reach the main campus of Nike, which is where the Nike headquarters tour starts.

Can I use my Nike employee discount online?

Free delivery on orders that total at least $75. You are required to wait until you receive an email invitation to register from the Nike employee who is a member of your family. Products sold on will be shown with the applicable discount applied. There are several limitations imposed on: Excludes Nike products made by you, products made just for members, and select styles

Do Nike employees get free shoes?

Yes, you will receive one pair of shoes and two clothes when you are first hired, and then going forward, you will receive one outfit every six months and one pair of shoes once a year. You can get more tops if there are certain events taking place right now. They provide them at a more affordable price.

Do all Nike employees get a swoosh account?

For those who are curious, a Swoosh Account ( is essentially the online version of the Nike Employee Store. These accounts are often provided to people who work for Nike Inc. Although there are certain contractors that could have access as well, it is quite unlikely that you will be able to obtain one of them in most cases.

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How much does Nike pay per hour?

Jobs at Nike, Inc., Ranked by Their Hourly Pay

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Sales Associate Range:$9 – $16 Average:$12
Retail Sales Associate Range:$10 – $17 Average:$12
Senior Software Engineer Range:$39 – $95 Average:$63
Department Manager, Retail Store Range:$17 – $29 (Estimated *) Average:$22

What is a Nike member pass?

By becoming a member of Nike, you have access to a community of like-minded people as well as unique Nike merchandise.Joining is not only simple, quick, and cost-free, but it also provides the best access to everything Nike has to offer.You may sign up for the program either online or when you download one of Nike’s mobile applications.

Additionally, you will experience benefits right away: Shipping on the house (and returns).

Is Nike HQ open to public?

It is important to note that the Nike World Headquarters (WHQ) is located on private land and is not accessible to the general public. At this time, Nike does not provide tours to the general public.

Can I get into the Nike employee store with a military ID?

At the check-in desk of the Nike Company Store, each military member and/or family member of a military member is required to present a photo identification card that is currently valid, and the sponsoring military member must be present in order for eligible family members to gain access to the store.

Is it hard to get a job at Nike?

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Working at Nike is considered to be a ″dream job″ by members of the sneaker culture.However, being hired by the corporation is not quite as simple as many people would like to believe it is.It’s the kind of job that attracts individuals from all over the country, and many of them are prepared to uproot their lives in order to work in the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Is Nike named after a Greek god?

In ancient Greek religion, Nike was the goddess of triumph. She was the daughter of the gigantic Pallas and the river Styx, which represented the underworld.

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What benefits do Nike employees get?

  1. Starting salaries of $15 per hour are provided to our team since we care about them.
  2. Medical, Dental & Vision.
  3. Accounts for spending that may be adjusted easily
  4. Plan for employees to buy company equity
  5. 401(k)
  6. Assistance to staff members
  7. Employees’ Health and Happiness
  8. Time off work with pay (PTO)

What does Nike call their employees?

One of the reasons why people who work in retail stores are often referred to as ″athletes″ is because of this. It is only natural that a brand based on sports and fitness encourages the same spirit of friendly rivalry, unending improvement and difficulty, and teamwork to achieve common objectives.

What is a black badge at Nike?

You are free to show up to work dressed in your exercise attire. If you are a black badge employee (full time), you can pretty much do anything you want and still receive a job, yearly raise/bonus, and possibly a promotion even if you don’t do any work. If you don’t do any work, you will still get a job. Consider for a moment the marketing strategies utilized by Nike.

Do you have to wear Nike to work at Nike?

As a Nike employee, you are free to wear practically anything.

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