What To Do If You Suspect An Employee Is Stealing?

If you have reason to suspect an employee, you have to conduct an investigation. If you have reason to believe that a member of your staff has been stealing from your practice, you will want to take prompt action in order to minimize the extent of the loss to your company. Although prompt action is necessary, the employee must nonetheless be granted the right to due process in the meantime.

What should you do if you have reason to believe that one of your employees has stolen from you?

  1. Inquire of the worker about the explanation
  2. Request that the worker submit to a polygraph examination
  3. Make a decision on whether or not to: file criminal charges. demand reparation. impose appropriate sanctions on the worker. Put the employee out of a job

What to do if an employee is accused of theft?

Get started on your inquiry right away. It is best practice to conduct a thorough investigation into the claimed theft before leveling any allegations against the putative perpetrator. There are a variety of approaches that may be used to monitor employees, and these approaches change according on the nature of the stolen property.

Can you accuse an employee of stealing without reviewing the evidence?

Never assume the worst about an employee or immediately accuse them of stealing without first looking over the proof (either internally or externally). If you behave in such a hasty manner, you put yourself in serious danger of having an employee file a claim against you for wrongful termination of their employment.

What to do if your EMPLOYEES are being stolen from work?

In addition, if the things of other workers are being taken, your colleagues will look to you for aid and a resolution to the problem.They will expect you to take care of it.When you can’t demonstrate that you provide a place for employees to store their personal stuff that is both safe and secure while they are at work, it will be tough to retain them on board.

  1. Get started on your inquiry right away.
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How do you respond to employee theft?

The best method to deal with theft committed by employees is to take measures to stop it from happening in the first place: When it comes to hiring, exercise extreme caution. Insist on references and confirm them. Demand that every prospective employee undergo a criminal record check.

What happens if an employee steals your company data?

Employee theft isn’t only about physical things or money. Data theft is growing frequent and just as, if not more, damaging to your firm. Theft of data may result in the loss of business for a variety of different reasons. It can also put your operations in jeopardy, particularly if the data stolen includes confidential or private information about persons.

What are the most common forms of employee stealing?

Stealing may occur at many layers of your business, and is vital to understand that theft comes in numerous forms, not just ‘skimming the till’ while closing up at the end of a shift. Other forms to consider: – Taking company stock home Taking advantage of one’s coworkers by offering ″mates prices″ or discounts to one’s friends and family without permission

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