Where Are The Chocolate Boxes At Retail Row?

The second story of the enormous mansion located at the southernmost tip of Retail Row in Fortnite has the first chocolate box that can be discovered in the region.Proceed up the stairs and enter the first bedroom to locate the box, which will be seated on the bed in this room.The following box may be found at the grocery store’s checkout section, just next to one of the registers that dispenses cash.

The supermarket that runs along the north side of the point of interest (POI) is where you’ll find the first chocolate box at Retail Row.If you enter the building from the front, you’ll find it sitting on one of the grocery checkouts right next to a cash register as you go inside.The second chocolate box is located in a home on Retail Row that is located to the south of the point of interest.

Where can I find a chocolate box in the mall?

Locate the chocolate box on the first level of the building.The next one is left in a lovely manner on a park seat, in the spirit of Forest Gump.Look on the northern part, in the area where there was a Christmas tree before.And last but not least, Retail Row.Since this one is rather more difficult to navigate than the others, I would recommend going with one of the other two options instead.Regardless:

Where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite?

You now have information on the locations of the Fortnite Chocolate Box in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Retail Row. Visit our guide wiki, conduct a search for Twinfinite, or continue reading below for more of our coverage, where you may find other guides, tips, and techniques.

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Where can I find the final two chocolate boxes?

Retail Row is the location of the last two Chocolate Boxes that must be collected. The first of these can be found in the large shop area in the northernmost part of the POI, while the second can be found in a home that is located to the south of the basketball court.

How many chocolate boxes can you get from Retail Row?

You are free to combine and match; for instance, you can collect two chocolate boxes from Retail Row and one from Pleasant Park, or you can gather three chocolate boxes from any combination of the three locations. As long as you collect a total of three boxes, you won’t run into any problems.

Where is the box of chocolates in Retail Row?

Locations where chocolate boxes can be collected from the Retail Row. Proceed to the blue house, which can be found at the very southernmost part of the site, right close to the basketball court. You’ll discover a box of chocolates on the bed if you go up the stairs and then through the door that’s directly in front of you.

Where is the chocolate boxes?

First place to look for the chocolate box is the top floor of the home in the southeast (the one that is elevated by a little cliff), where you should look for the box on the nightstand to the side of the bed. The second site of the chocolate box is a yellow home that is located on the west-northwest side of Pleasant Park.

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