Where Is The Blue Coin In Retail Row On Fortnite?

The Blue Coin was buried by Fortnite at the Retail Row area. The Blue Coin that was buried in Retail Row may be found at the westernmost portion of the Point of Interest. Because of the dark shade that is placed just next to the map marker, it is very simple to locate.

You will need to land at Retail Row in order to locate it. After that, make your way to the southwestern most point of the POI. You’ll discover a home right here, and beyond it, in the backyard, there’s a bright blue mound that contains the experience point coin! The coin may be easily unearthed by just striking the mound with your pickaxe.

Where can I find the blue coin in Fortnite?

Retail Row: The location of the blue coin (Credit for the image goes to Epic Games) You’ll discover the blue coin on the western side of Retail Row, on the southern side of the enormous yellow home. Retail Row is the street that runs west to east. You’ll see a little dirt mound that has a faint glow emanating from it.

How do you get the blue coin in Retail Row?

This snow will melt at some point, and when it does, the layout of Retail Row will look like this. The Blue Coin is buried on a little mound in the corner of a yard, close to a young birch tree: You need only approach it and play a game of whack-a-mole to retrieve the XP coin.

Where can I find a buried blue coin?

Because it has a name, the place is quite straightforward to find. However, locating the actual blue coin that was buried will need a bit more effort on your part. At Retail Row, there is just one blue coin that has been buried, and it is located next to a yellow wood home. The coin is buried in the ground next to a tree.

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What is the blue coin challenge in Fortnite?

The objective of this challenge is for participants to unearth a Blue Coin in the Retail Row area. Strangely, we haven’t seen any XP coins this season, despite the fact that they were a significant element of prior seasons throughout Chapter 2, as well as a helpful means to increase XP gains while you worked through the Battle Pass and its many Style challenges.

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