How Much Does Cracker Barrel Pay Retail?

  • What is the going rate for employees at Cracker Barrel – Retail in the United States?
  • The entry-level position of Sales Merchandiser at Cracker Barrel pays roughly $8.75 per hour, while the store manager position pays $14.29 per hour on average.
  • The Cashier position at Cracker Barrel has an average annual compensation of around $15,000, while the Associate Buyer position has an average salary of $96,722 per year.
  • A wage of $10 per hour is common for a retail position at Cracker Barrel.
  • The hourly wages for retail workers at Cracker Barrel can range anywhere from $8 to $12.
  • This estimate is based upon 16 Cracker Barrel Retail salary report(s) supplied by workers or calculated based upon statistical techniques.
  • The salary information has either been provided by employees or approximated based upon statistical methods.

How much do servers make at Cracker Barrel in Florida?

The annual salary for a server at Cracker Barrel in the state of Florida is roughly $28,188, which is comparable to the national average.

How much does Cracker Barrel pay Tennessee?

The annual salary for a Cracker Barrel Server in Tennessee is roughly $28,270, which is equal to the national average salary for this position. The salary information comes from 31 data points that were obtained directly from workers, users, and both past and present job adverts on Indeed over the course of the last 36 months.

How much does Cracker Barrel pay in Texas?

What is the hourly rate at Cracker Barrel? The starting annual compensation at Cracker Barrel for a Host is around $20,652, and the maximum annual income at Cracker Barrel for a Director is roughly $171,863. The hourly wages at Cracker Barrel range from roughly $3 for a Server/Skill Trainer all the way up to $17 for an Employee Training Coordinator on average.

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Do Cracker Barrel servers keep their tips?

  • You get to keep one hundred percent of your tips, and we often have workers bussing tables on the weekends when the restaurant is particularly busy.
  • There is a morning shift and a night shift available, and both of them are rather busy with customers.
  • The hardest part about working here is having to deal with a few of the employees that are intolerable and who take Cracker Barrel’s standards and rules far too seriously.

How does Cracker Barrel pay tips?

You will get both cash and card tips during the course of your shift. At the end of your shift, you are responsible for collecting all of your money and reporting your tips. No tip sharing. You are required to submit any tips you get.

How often does Cracker Barrel give raises?

You earn a raise every time you PAR Up. This indicates that you have been hired for the necessary amount of time, that you have successfully completed the necessary computer classes, and that you have received a passing grade on your performance review.

How much are the raises at Cracker Barrel?

We assure you that your mind is not playing tricks on you. According to Eat This, Not That!, the restaurant company had recently made an announcement that it has been discreetly beginning to impose a price rise of 3 percent across the board at all of its locations.

How long does Cracker Barrel orientation last?

The orientation will go for a total of 2 days and 3 hours each day.

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Does Cracker Barrel hold your first check?

They certainly do not. You are paid weekly. The payment was never late at any point.

What is Cracker Barrel pay period?

Every month, on the 15th and the final day, they receive their payment. The employees will be paid on the preceding weekday if the regularly scheduled pay day occurs on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday observed by the University.

What do servers wear at Cracker Barrel?

Black slacks, black socks, black shoes with non-slip soles for work, and black shoes. If they do not have belt loops, you are just obliged to have a white belt. They wear shirts, pants, and an apron all at the same time. Once you have been recruited, you should get in touch with your Supervisor or ETC for further details on the clothing.

Do you get paid for orientation at Cracker Barrel?

No, not at your present rate of pay. All training must be completed on-site, in full uniform (shoes, aprons, hair back, etc.), and you are only paid minimum wage during training periods.

Does Cracker Barrel drug test new hires?

Is there a medical exam and a drug test required before employment? No, however if you are ever injured on the job, you will be subject to a drug test regardless of how you feel about it. If you fail, you are fired.

Who owns Cracker Barrel?

The idea of Cracker Barrel was conceived by its creator, Dan Evins, with the intention of catering more effectively to the requirements of travelers. Dan Evins, creator of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, was working in the family fuel business in the late 1960s when he first started thinking about ways in which he might better cater to the need of people who were traveling.

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