How Old To Work At Gnc?

18 years old is the minimum age requirement to work at General Nutrition Center GNC. (What is the minimum age requirement to work at the General Nutrition Center, or GNC?) No printable applications are available. Look through the available job openings, or check out the official website.

How much do GNC jobs pay per hour?

At GNC, the starting rate for the job that pays the least is minimum wage, which is now around $8.50 per hour.If You Want to Work at GNC, What Is the Minimum Age Requirement?To be considered for employment at GNC, candidates must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.If you want to be considered for the position, you need to have at least an equivalent of a high school graduation or a GED.

What kind of jobs does GNC offer?

GNC provides potential employees with access to a diverse selection of employment prospects, such as sales associate, account coordinator, manufacturing associate, production maintenance technician, and quality assurance monitor. The Sales Associate is accountable for delivering unparalleled levels of customer care to each and every one of GNC’s clients.

How do you apply for a job at GNC?

Anyone who is interested in working at GNC can either go to the store location of their choosing and fill out a paper application or submit an application online. Both options are available to anyone who is interested. Applying through the GNC website is highly recommended as it is the route that is used the most frequently.

Does GNC drug test for employment?

Although not every GNC shop conducts drug tests on potential workers, the company does have a policy that requires applicants and employees to abstain from alcohol and narcotics.This indicates that the corporation has the ability to test any potential applicants during the employment process, as well as test current employees whenever they see fit.Have you been fortunate enough to secure an interview with GNC?

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Does GNC require experience?

To be considered for employment at GNC, candidates must be at least 18 years old at the time of application. If you want to be considered for the position, you need to have at least an equivalent of a high school graduation or a GED.

How much does GNC pay per hour in Florida?

GNC Retail Worker Compensation in Florida

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $125,454 $60
75th Percentile $46,042 $22
Average $42,392 $20
25th Percentile $21,120 $10

How do I get a job at GNC?

The vast majority of GNC’s entry-level job candidates are normally subjected to a single, one-on-one job interview with a store manager.People in higher-level positions have significant expertise in the process of searching for the greatest traits wanted from workers.After the completion of all required employment documents, hiring managers will often conduct the interview right there in the office.

What do GNC employees wear?

What kind of attire is expected of employees at GNC? Red shirt, black pants, and black shoes are what you’re wearing today.

Is GNC an easy job?

Because the pay is low and there is room for commission, this is an excellent option for those looking for part-time work. Additionally, the working hours are quite adaptable, and you have the option to take up extra shifts if necessary. There is no opportunity for job progression.

Do GNC employees get discounts?

A discount of 20% off for employees is quite wonderful.

Do GNC workers get commission?

There are some goods on which you will not receive a commission.

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How should I dress for a GNC interview?

Interview tips at GNC

  1. 65 percent of employees wore business casual attire, such as dress slacks.
  2. 17 percent of respondents wore casual attire (t-shirt and jeans)
  3. They did not have any sort of dress code10 percent
  4. Formal (business suit)7 percent
  5. 1 percent for a special clothing (like protection gear, for example)

Does GNC drug test their employees?

Does GNC do random drug testing? No, I’ve never had to take a drug test to get hired or rehired.

What does GNC stand for?

GNC Holdings, a firm with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States.The company is also known as General Nutrition Centers, and its initials stand for GNC.It focuses in selling goods that are associated with health and nutrition, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, minerals, herbs, products for sports nutrition and diet, and energy goods.The GNC Holdings,

Does GNC allow tattoos?

7 answers. Yes, and you’re free to show off your ink too.

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