How Old You Gotta Be To Work At Old Navy?

16 years old is the minimum age requirement to work at Old Navy. (What’s the minimum age requirement to get a job at Old Navy?) The printable application is available, yes.

How do I get a job at Old Navy?

Old Navy is a firm that welcomes people with little to no experience, so if you want to work there you may submit an application for a position and still get employed as a brand associate or stock associate.On the other hand, if you have worked in the retail industry before, you may have a better chance of getting employed as a loss prevention service agent.When applying for a job at Old Navy, what should you wear to the interview?

What does a brand associate do at Old Navy?

In addition, brand workers will greet consumers as they enter the fitting room and will always ensure that the space is tidy, clean, and well-organized. Old Navy has a minimum age requirement of 16 for anyone who wants to work there as a brand associate.

How much does Old Navy pay per hour?

Old Navy will pay you an hourly wage that falls in between $8 and $14 if you work there as a brand associate. If you are entering the workforce in an entry-level position and do not have any previous experience, then it is probable that you will begin at the minimum pay. Old Navy brand associates make an average of $9 per hour in salary and benefits.

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